Need help spicing up this Real Estate site.

Formerly suffering with tinnitus asked to design an internet site for a realty business. Their original webpage is www. firstchoicerealtorsonline. com. Now i’m suppose to modernize it. I’ve obtained a basic construction at www. shawnstoppable. com/firstchoice, but I feel as if it needs lots of finesse added. My own HTML skills are generally mediocre. I should find out CSS, I think. I’m also considering implementing Coppermine so the agents own easier access to taking good care of their properties themself.


You’re searching for feedback
Truthful feedback

I do think the new design sort of sucks.

The animation within the banner is not necessarily necessary and seems tacky.
WHEN I hate the carousel thing too. The face photos are scrunched
out of proportion and the tiny thumbs are too difficult to see regardless,
why then have them to be a selection

I need to visit a real estate site in addition to see instant facts on houses
for sale in my area. I don’t care about seeing photos in the realtors.

The old site is certainly a better design versus the new site, however the
appearance can be a bit dated. An affiliate site with no moving parts will be the better design.

The particular rotating carousel was their idea, certainly not mine. It’s some thing they insisted about. The idea though is the fact that when you decide to put your mouse covering the realtor or the house, that it happens with a caption by using more details.

As well, the top banner is not mine. Someone from other staff asked me to make use of it. I will ever try to use your current feedback to sort of redo the internet site though.

I’m afraid i always too hate that carousel rotating pics end of it – I realize Miseim that it is tacky. Also the turning pics take AGE RANGE to load with my pc and they also disappear after a few years leaving the carousel whirling pics. And the bottom left of my screen shows a repeat of the top red curved section of the rectangle.
You need a version of a slogan to notify me what the site depends upon. And one or maybe two good major pics (static involving rotating). The company brand and or name would have been a good idea.
If you need the photos regarding hte people, put these on a back page – or only static.


I totally know where you’re coming from involved in clients insisting on
utilizing crappy things. You sort of have to make sure you your client. You could have
these people read this line on WDF… We (all people veteran WDF users) would likely be
the particular " bad guys" that explain it doesn’t look great or work beneficial.

The thinking behind a website for real estate property people is of showing and sell property/homes.

Nobody cares in regards to the Flash or " elegant presentation" of the particular photos.
They just want to clearly see all of them… with the latest ones first!

Everything for the first page, must be " above that fold" (in the particular browser window see without
scrolling or while using the mouse at many! ) Further facts would then require a mouse

Convey to your clients this their ideas are bad design, and you will not do it…
Whenever they choose to find someone else, let them. I do think you should endure firm
on this subject one. In additional cases, it could be OK to work with those animations…
but not for their site – it is the wrong application pertaining to animations.

REVISE — adding much more to my article….

Examine the differences concerning these " smaller" real estate property businesses.


Brussels has good information to the first page.
Although you will need to scroll to see the modern listings,
these are easy and rapid to scan with the eyes.

http: //www. adamstradt. com/


Brussels covers a big area, so many people utilize Google Routes.
Due to the large number of properties for sale, they
saw the best strategy to let all guests find what
they need.

http: //www. redwagonteam. com/


Now examine this one…
A NEW worthless splash site and slide-show involving photos
which have no information. Ugly and it also sucks.

http: //www. paulaandcompany. com/


Thanks very much. The links SERIOUSLY helped me out on this subject one. Do you consider I should do not delay – use the image that they made for some sort of banner or regarded as a remake a fresh one

Following a logo loads (the house with the 1st choice thing), it halts for a while.
Use that image rather than the animation nor affiliates. Just a static custom logo of
the company. The reddish colored color is good… you can keep with that for along with scheme.

Put the " about us" part horizontal and the navigation menu to the left side or even
across under the banner. I didn’t even notice which the center part appeared to be a menu
until at the moment. I don’t think anyone else would certainly expect it at this time there either.

You should be able to read the " in relation to us" without scrolling that mouse.

Try doing the content which have no lines or containers around them.
Occasionally the " white-colored space" is more important with the eye to comply with.

To use it out…

1) Open your sample page after which minimize it.

2) Possess someone who hasn’t seen it yet, sit down with your PC.

3) Instruct them you maximize the article, and they have
three seconds to see you what the page is around.

4) Maximize the page for them and time frame it (in your current head).

5) Lessen the page soon after 3 seconds.

6) Let those describe what they will saw.

You might be thinking that 3 OR MORE seconds is way too short, but it is not.
People browse the net and only spend 3 seconds over a page to determine
whenever they want to stick to the page or escape. If you cannot convey what your site
is all about and draw some interest towards content, you need alter the structure.

There are actually a gazillion housing sites, and probably many within driving distance.
Give your home seeker a reason to keep on your client’s website.

I recently noticed that that " Listed by using Linda, Sold by using Jim" has TM (trademarks)…
Are you kidding me Could they be that full regarding themselves that they have to TM that LOL


Fine, I took most of the feedback and re-did most of it, plugging all of it in for the rough draft. It still feels slightly boring. What will i do to snazz it up a little or is this even a step in the right direction

www. shawnstoppable. com/firstchoice2

also, that’s much better up to now!

Put the " about us" horizontally over the whole page only under the over the top.

Leave the nav for the left (looks OK) and stretch the house photo and advice across,
the location where the " about us" once were.

Banner looks nice.
Maybe allow it to be not so taller, by removing most of the red space on top of the title.
The slanted text may be moved down so the extra red the best could go at a distance.

Clear away the Licensed throughout Indiana thing (it’s almost certainly obvious).
If you need it, that could be a small text for the footer, which you do not have, but
will be able to add. A footer over the bottom will provide the page a solid base.

Nav button text looks somewhat large for all those buttons.

Put a highlighted number in the " in relation to us" section.


Your home photos and info may very well be done using PHP in addition to MySQL, where they
make use of a simple admin site to add/edit/remove these folks. No Coppermine sort of
thing is required. Make it not thay hard for them to be able to edit, or they won’t keep it up-to-date.

But so far… way better approach first design

I did what you indicated. It does appear better. I’ll have something to give them at smallest. I’m going to create the " electronic tour" those rotating carousels with images of the houses, so it sorts of gives them what they wanted formerly. I’ll reason with these saying that homebuyers might not have high velocity Internet yet, especially newbie buyers, and it needs to stay simple. Are there almost every other suggestions it’s likely you have You’ve been quite a lot of help.

See my graphic fastened.

I meant putting the entire about us to the top.
Make the font with the about us smaller without bold.

Make the listings head to the right margin like the graphic demonstrated.

Alright, updated it considering the suggestions you offered.

Now you must fix the feature listings so that you can easily generate
those from your database. By utilizing CSS, you might make a " aspect class" that
will help you to easily insert these people.

See my example:
http: //www. catpin. com/firstchoice

If you view the HTML DOCUMENT source, you’ll see how a CSS style part is.
You are able to put that straight into your < style> segment… or separate CSS track
(which you have to be using). Then, clear away your < table> stuff and
utilize < div class=" feature" > blocks of code per listing.

By means of not using < table> you don’t have to worry about < tr> < td> stuff.
It makes it simplallows you to add innovative listings. Eventually, those blocks may be
generated automatically utilizing PHP… as it gets the information from
an effective database. <br /

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