Need help starting a site.

We’ve never started a site before (other in comparison with weebley) and I don’t know code or anything that adheres to that. What I need is definitely an ecommerce site. I’ll intent to make copy after copy belonging to the site. Our reps will certainly use them in promoting our products. I have to be sure that when a person orders I know where it is coming from. I’m looking to finish this for as little as it can be. I can do almost everything in weebly but it really looks a minor stupid, which I’m okay with only starting. When we start to make money about it then we are able to spend some funds. Any suggestions on where to get started

For not ever doing anything other than Weebly, this will not only be a very
easy project for you… but this is probably the best way to get began:

First have a webhost account, a better value one like (www. cleverdot. com) pertaining to only
about $30 using a charge card.

Next, in the control panel of cleverdot. com, they (and other webhosts) have
anything called " fantastico". That is a control panel feature that automatically installs
a great e-commerce shopping carry script, such because OSCommerce, Zencart, Cube-Cart, and so forth.

You simply have to customize the script, exactly how it looks, plus configure the searching cart.

Naturally, the ecommerce script you want must have the actual built-in gateway in order to the
credit card merchant you’re using (whether it is really authorize. net, PayPal, etc).

When you install the script, you may go to the actual e-commerce script’s website and look into their
attributes, gateways, and demos to find out if the shopping cart is what you deserve.

When installed, configured and you upload some objects (photos, prices, descriptions),
you can begin selling those stuff online. It’s virtually turn-key unless people want
to figureout on how the item looks, the skins and templates that you would like to create.


You could utilize the same website for a lot of different stores, according to how
quite a few MySQL accounts that webhost allows. You can actually try several various ecommerce
scripts about the same website very.

In fact, each store requires its own MySQL account, consequently whatever you set-up,
you have to put the PHP scripts together with the appropriate database.


Maybe you can actually look into utilizing some online services instead of creating your private.
Similar to Yahoo stores, or some ebay type of thing


Last bit of advice… hire some sort of programmer. There’s a piece for that on this forum.

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