Need help testing an online game

Howdy all,

I’m focusing on a new adventure and need several help testing.
Because doing so requires two competitors, I’m having trouble playing against by myself.

If WDF consumers could periodically take a look and play a house game with another individual,
and decide if my script crashes or problems take place… I would often be grateful.

I’m thinking about using a different webhost for your final version, nonetheless am working-out
that details with the current webhost. I’m hoping it could handle the dealings.

http: //www. catpin. com/game

Please read the policies first.
An exceptionally easy game that can be played.

Almost like tic-tac-toe, but with pieces which have similar traits.
You’ll want to get 4 traits within a row (or quad, in the event playing that option).
That " twist" is actually… YOU hand your opponent another piece to perform!
That sounds want it wouldn’t make a difference, but you’ll observe what that can.

Have fun, and let me understand how it works.

Many thanks,

i’ll give the item a go only have time rapidly.

I tried but didn’t have time to bide time until another player. Potential, maybe when were both messing around within the forum simultaneously, we can play one or two games and discuss afterwords. Although playing contrary to the guy who MADE the action doesn’t sound good!


There is no way to cheat with this game…
You’ll see why.

Congratulations, that was your 2, 000th post!

Wow… Either We have a BIG ORAL CAVITY, or I want to be a life…. or maybe both.

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