Need help with rollover idea.

Good day,

Relating to a sliding selection that works perfectly as We would like it to, even so, I hope anyone all could aid me with a preview that I must " enhance" the planning of the web page. I want to produce the links for the menu do not one but two things when hovered: ONE. ) have some sort of lightning bolt seem over link, as well as 2. ) stimulate an image throughout an iframe in order to " slide up" if the link is hovered above. I assume it could be done in a rollover script involving some kind. I currently have the menu to be able to slide out while its hovered more than, then the back links have an electic bolt appear if the link itself is actually hovered over. I simply haven’t figured out the third little trick. Once that is done, I can easily finish this design and style.

any ideas will be greatly appreciated.


Seeing the web page would be nice.

we’d be happy to be able to, but currently relating to no way involving displaying it. its for a clientele but i havent created any changes to his site yet.

Why are you wanting an iframe to move up rather compared to just an img element Is it possible to at least whip together a timely sample page

for a start, my site array uses iframes, so id need the effect to be in the iframe rather then the main web page. secondly, i have no idea what a img function is or how you can use one. on the other topic regarding a sample internet page, i currently dont have access to any domain in order to display said test.

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