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Hi guys. Need quite a few opinion here. I’m making the portfolio online and I’m tied to an issue in relation to design/code… so the question is I have some images to show of my assignments. They don’t have always the same width, they can transform depending of what I would like to show. Therefore the question is how I do this. Flash or CODE, I saw many sideshow like " basic viewer" or " slideshowpro". I add a compact picture just to signify a sketch on the possible compositions. Just about any suggestions are delightful.

See attachment 4454

gives thanks all,

you could create a div with enough width for the largest pic measurement and just center each kind have in the div. could resize images with a max width. or use javascript to overpower a div indexed over the page when some people select, but this can require some work to maintain SEO such as creating another one layout for < noscript hence google can continue to read and catalog your content.

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