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hello, I know it isn’t really finished but I am developing this protoype employing rapid application advancement. Where one part of the site is actually created, tested and given feedback as a way to make another prototype much better than the last just one.
The key aim is to stay the site basic, easy to use but additionally easier to maintain precisely as it is about the actual growing trend connected with Technology. I get used the brand in photoshop, therefore if another developer were required to change 2009 to 2010 he could start photoshop and modify the text in the text box along with save it,

The site is aimed at older those who have visual or maybe cognitive impairment.
We’ve put the links in the top frame, however I do think that the textual content is too major, but if you would like to say yes it’s too big, next say so,
I bought bad feedback from another forum who seem to were unpleasant to me, I think it had been because I forgot to take me name in the first slide. We’ve ditched powerpoint for a comment was produced, that no one particular uses power issue.
Please be constructive

Check out attachment 4278

it is a prototype of what is actually a website.

Text (except perhaps the banner) really should be text, not graphics.
You can also make text really big. You can also ensure it is so the user
can resize that text however they desire.

Stick to text size is determined by the person, the setting might be saved
being a cookie so they will see it a similar every time.

The brown just isn’t my favorite colouring, but that’s your own preference I imagine.

For future references to the web site, it will be best if we all could
find it online, as you could have some browser child stroller issues…
You can easliy help spot those in your case.

I wonder in case you will return like 1930… when some technology
actually have it really is roots way back then. Getting stories in addition to input
from 70+ agers is cool. I am on the transistor age (1960’s).


Bless you, I am considering knowledge ?, I spent months researching about Moore’s Law and technology this evolved. Which is what I want to raise the website.

Let me probably post any link in fortnights occasion, It will end up being a subdomain as it is just a prototype. But There’s no doubt that I am acquiring somewhere.

We would place a CSS switcher using javascript or ajax the user could help make the text dimension larger or lesser at their whelm.

Just a thought, that way minus visual or cognitive impairments you’re little brown eyes wouldn’t bleed thinking about the site; -) and the way maybe in my teens would go towards site for their particular grandparent… Ever try in addition to give your kid’s friend a kind of " elderly" phones with all the huge buttons in addition to say, " In this article, call you mom". My kid took about the maximum amount of offense to of which as he would only broke out into song about my sex life. True story.

Just put, you’re going to be able to loose some site visitors if there isn’t an option to tone that down a little… seriously.

bless you, I did speak about to my tutors that youth will also utilize it to find infomrstion intended for grandparents, uncles, however they wouldn’t consider me.
Let me add a switcher to change text size/ ai firmness it down, is usually a definate yes

bless you


I recognize it’s really good to learn XHTML and CSS personally, a good practical knowledge…
and a few people don’t such as CSS templates… but I propose you use Google
to find several free CSS template websites and choose a template that might
appeal to you. You would download that as well as customize the artwork and content
for your own use. I think when you find yourself amazed at the templates you find… and will
find something which looks appealing to the users (of just about all ages, by that way).

http: //www. google. com/searchhl=en& q=free CSS templates& btnG=Google Research

Cracking open another woman’s templates and tailoring it to your own taste is some the way to learn CSS/XHTML (in my opinion) so it gives you time to experience different scripting styles in addition to a pre-made guide available for you and something to fall back in for contenuity should your need arrise.

Right now, using Dreamweaver or maybe FrontPage to develop your web page, I’d high suggest for you to leave those by yourself unless you’re just trying to find some " gettem up there quick" type sites — but important thing, they monk upward the code including you wouldn’t think (even DreamWeaver) unless you use DreamWeaver to style personally which I use to try and do for the numbering program and syntax featuring until someone showed me NotePad++ (Best code editing software for windows that may be found and the free btw). Practically, all my models and themes are generally done in NotePad++.

Thankyou for any information. I have started editing a totally free CSS template and also the homepage looks miles better than the one within frames. CSS is easy to undertand and My business is getting the palm of coding, I am using notpad as it helps me for you to practice and vary the code towards project.


Also you can use this free Notepad++:
http: //notepad-plus. sourceforge. net/uk/site. htm

Quite nice for croping and editing scripts and information.
Colour highlights, line numbering, in addition to it’s free.

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