Need SEO Advice

Want SEO Advice

I have some SEO advice on which I was doing appropriate and what I will be doing completely wrong on my website

Thanks to all who may help!

First of try that will put the website name in end with the title instead than start of the title.

Same is true of meta story.

Have people submitted for the search engines

My query is brand new submitted yuor web blog to every one of the major search engines like digg and google so that you can get se traffic

Here’s what Concerning find out there after reviewing your web blog:

As we checked ones page, a person’s keywords usually are as follows:

reviews, enterprise reviews, internet site reviews, folks reviews, ratings, review, harmful business, very good business,, consumers

So screened your primary keyword " reviews"

Here’s what i’ve discovered:

Your keyword will not appear at the beginning of the title.

—- You must move ones keyword closer for the beginning of the title given that some titles might be truncated in search sellers.

—- Contemplate adjusting ones title consequently your keyword appears just once.

—- Think about adjusting ones meta tag so there is only just one instance of the keyword.

You are utilizing your key keyword with your Description, women and men first occurance on this keyword is position 34.

It is actually recommended in which for greatest results that you place ones primary keyword inside the first position with your Description.

11 words as part of your meta story tag

— Your own word be counted is lower.An ideal word count is between 12 :20 text. 136.79Kb THIRTY.90Kb ELEVEN.90Kb

Your web site size is very large, it can be greater compared to 40Kb.
It is actually recommended that the home web site be just about 40Kb along with the other pages with your site be a maximum of 30Kb.

You have to reduce your own page sizing, or image sizes, or reduce the volume of images utilized, in get to decrease the general file sizing.

Download Period:
Time Ingested To Download
On YOUR 14.4Kbs Modem 163.87 Seconds
On A 28.8Kbs Modem 93.02 Seconds
On A 33.6Kbs Modem EIGHTY.63 Seconds
On A 56Kbs Modem 64.47 Seconds
On A ISDN 128Kbs Modem 26.04 Seconds

Your down load time is very large; it can be greater as compared with 40 seconds using a 28.8Kbs modem.
Industry criteria says that usually people will never wait far more that 20 seconds for the page for you to load.

You have to reduce your own page sizing, or image sizes, or reduce the volume of images utilized, in obtain to reduce the obtain time.

I wish it will help.Cheers

I assume so there is nothing left right after axed have reviewed your own websitE

1.Upon site SEO:optimize your html code.
2.Down site SEO:try to acquire as much as possyible relevent backlinks for a web web site.
main idea:if you may not how to do that superior allow proffi let that happen or at the least ask prior to doing a little something.

ive found this
Computer code:< meta name=" revisit-after" content=" YOU hour" > does your blog updates each hour in the event it aren’t able to present brand-new update to search engines might too, increase a bit.

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