Need Some Advice From Generous Website Devs :)

Ok, so I know search for seem crazy, but I never claimed being sane. I’ve recently had a thought to implement a website simply because that when I used to be doing personal homework, I could POSSIBLY NOT find what I became looking for. Thus, to me, it’s just a gap that I really could fill and a resource I believe many would recognize the value of.

I’m wanting to produce a directory-type site with a database of all the online degree packages available. There can be a few sites such as this now, but they tend to be nowhere near complete enough and poorly done as a result of. I’m currently possessing that research done personally so I own my data established. When that is finished, I’m expect to acquire data on ONLY TWO, 000 – A FEW, 000 online courses. I want that can put this data in to a directory that is definitely searchable and includes custom filters.

http: //www. directoryofschools. com/ is a good example of type of what I’m opting for only a little simpler. I need to database all the actual programs with some details on each one. Then 2 site visitor visits the site they might search all plans or narrow down by division of concentration, degree amount, military-friendly or not really, etc. Eventually, I’d like to implement a rating/review method on each application, but considering my own tight budget, which can be a feature I’d be prepared add later later on.

I obviously will have to provide the data into the developer, but in exactly what format I presume the site will have to reference a database based on certain criteria to show only relevant outcomes, but I’m confused how to put together the data in many ways the developer should use.

I am just a pretty savvy computer user, but I don’t have any encoding or behind-the-scenes knowledge apart from very basic HTML – and that’s why I’m looking into hiring an expert. Any thoughts and/or advice could well be VERY much appreciated!

A good developer would be able to work with a Excel spreadsheet and build a database off of these. Just make sure since your information is organized in the consistent, columnar format. Try not to complete something like this particular:

Firm 1
Handle 1
Handle 2

Firm 2
Handle 1
Handle 2

Regarding ASP/ASP. NET (programming languages/frameworks), it is going to recognize the first row within your spreadsheet as column headers, so it will help keep ones columns organized. If you have Access database competencies, you can choose this route in the process.

A Word doc would work inside a pinch with steady formatting, but it truly is tricky and POST wouldn’t recommend it.

No wonder it’s not necessary to want to build a site like this directoryofschools. com just one. That thing’s a joke. I’ve lived throughout Canada for 34 decades, and I didn’t know so far that Arizona was part of my country… but without doubt, we get Buffalo Bills games besides Arizona Cardinals games. I’M SO PERPLEXED.

LOL!! That website really is a joke. I want the framework of that, but I want the site I’m creating to truly be useful plus be a comprehensive list regarding online programs. Each online degree list, no matter what degree you are looking for, comes up having University of Phoenix, Capella, Kaplan, and many others. I’m not identifying those schools, but you will find SO MANY brick and mortar universities that give distance programs of which aren’t advertised or perhaps indexed anywhere. Thus, basically, I want to do the same point as directoryofschools. com but I want to do it right.

I’ve gotten a number of feedback from different sources mentioning that we should give the dev the data in a CSV structure. If I’m right, Excel will upload files into. csv format, so that should be no problem.

Now my hangup is deciding the right way to present the format then it is easily filtered. As an example, on directoryofschools. com, you have available dropdowns to decide on degree level and section of concentration to produce serp’s. I’m wondering how I do " assigning" these values to each degree program so 2 search is manufactured, the relevant outcomes will display. Should it you have to be another series posts in Excel One example is, Column A = University Name, Column B = Qualification Name, Column D = Degree Stage (Bachelors, Masters, and many others. ), Column D = Area of Concentration of Gradation (Business, Communications, Mindset, etc. ). Would this work Am I around the right track I really don’t want to supply my developer with crap

That’s correct. Excel can easily export files in to. csv format. It’s actually one of several reasons I proposed Excel (multiple arrangement options).

In terms of how to format your data, as long because it’s consistent, a superb developer won’t be picky in regards to the formatting. The key could be to keep it steady, and the approach you’ve laid it out should job nicely. Of lessons, the really trite still correct answer will be " ask your current developer", but yet again… a good builder won’t care that much. I’ve worked with all kinds of different data sources and formats average joe, and as long as I’ll open the file We can find how to convert it to my purposes.

Thanks a ton for your reviews

No dilemma.

Brand new already got the dev Otherwise, you may desire to post available on the market here. There are some great programmer-types here.

Well, I’ve been research a little about Elance. I’m on a good extremely tight price range since I’m trying to achieve this all out-of-pocket (and I’m not rolling while in the dough, trust me). I got told that freelancers on sites for instance Elance and oDesk commonly offer far decrease prices than providers. Right now, Concerning a quote with $300 to develop the site and implement it to me, as well since teach me how to use CMS. I want a really expensive, uber-awesome site, nevertheless just can’t find the money for it. I’m hoping basically can make a bit of revenue off involving it with promoting, I can can some upgrades and implement many of the nifty features I intend.

Yeah, that’s generally true. Freelancers generally are deprived of company-level overheads, so as to provide something with a lower rate.

But someone’s willing to develop the web site for $300, I’d be just a little wary. That’s a price that either hails from someone looking to help prove him/herself or perhaps (far more likely) an individual who isn’t gonna do all much of quality as it. If you may, get a account of stuff the person has done. Not only this, if you showed the person that directoryofschools. com point, it may be the person looked in it and notion, " okay, make a clone of this

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