Need some input and or help with layout design

To begin with, The site I am trying to style and design is one for Minecraft. I were running the adventure server for more than a year at this point. But my website is lacking a new hole lot. As possible see at http: //mcdominion. net

We have this basic design http: //mcdominion. net/images/layoutbasic9. png. But for some reason it is just lacking that pop not undoubtably why. I don’t know if it is a design of that layout or just what exactly not. Here is a psd file. http: //mcdominion. net/images/layoutbasic. 7z it is just a bit sloppy as I am not a fluctuate organized person.

So if any one could help me personally redesign and or improve on what I have it I would great. The site I use is often a drupal site nevertheless. I don’t my own changing to just about any CMS. I just have one with great forum software. I am using drupal which has a phpbb3 bridge but shall be moving away from with all the bridge as it really sorts of sucks.

All Ideas and enter is welcomed.


My son plays Minecraft at all times and has worked a little on a site first of his pals. I think that server id MysticCraft Not real sure. At any rate, I have also been showing him the way to use CSS and HTML for any basics of the actual website, it produces easy layout techniques over many websites. There is a free tool from Ms for Blogs and also Forums. I am undecided exactly of that name but in the event you search for web log engine or. net blog engine you should find it.

I do much like the layout you have up to now though. If Pondered more time I would be on this MineCraft as it does look pretty darn cooool!

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