Need to know how to build a website where visitors add content

I’m aiming to build a website where those who visit can submit synopses of scripts they need written. I don’t know what type of website this can be though and how to build it.

I’m endeavoring to achieve something this resembles this structure.

http: //newenglandfilm. com/classifieds/screenplays. htm

The idea being there would have been a submission form and the content would be automatically included in the list.

Any help could well be much appreciated.

That is not a WordPress website, but it convinced looks like getting.
I’d go the Squidoo route… instead of while using comment parts with regard to submission,
there need to be some nice plug-ins for allowing submissions because posts.

It is really actually a Drupal website, and it looks like getting some sort of classified ad module that they are using. Why they’d do it this way I don’t find out… it’s stupid to retrofit scripts for purposes which is why they weren’t in the beginning intended. But that is what they managed.

Plainly had to guess with the module… and *** BIGTIME PLEASE NOTE *** I’m never ever a Drupal skilled… it looks like it’s this place.

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