needing help and advice for my new joomla site

Good day. I have hired someone to look at my 10 12 months online magazine, designed in html in addition to change it
up to a joomla site.

We are afraid I made a tremendous mistake and My business is thinking about dropping the entire project, which includes
cost me allot of money and time. The project has been a nightmare because anytime I ask for what
I had accepted as simple requests, my designer also say’s he can’t exercise. Or that when he
makes a straightforward change, it side effects other components this then don’t do the job and he complains of which he
has must spend hours with it. I’m talking about things like contributing an image close to my optin field,
adjusting th background coloring, or deciding people don’t need to register to understand the articles,
only to pay attention to our audio library.

The issue is, I have no idea if it will be the fault of the designer or if this can be just normal complications
for joomla web-designers. Secondly, I am fearful that if he’s having to spend a whole lot time on
usual tasks, this system in not personally, and I would opt to return to my personal old site and also just
redesign it from there. This is an enormous decision for us, because I was mandated to spend my savings for
this web site, and now I can just loose it and now have to spend much more to redesign our old site.

Does anyone possess a little time youngster should be help me help to make an educated judgement

MY SPOUSE AND I see 3 choices:

ONE. Maybe this is normal for any redesign or an affiliate site and finally it will often be stable and effortless to
manage. If this well said, then I can know it truly is worth continuing considering the current developer.

ONLY TWO. My developer is rendering it too complicated plus doesn’t have ample experience for my own needs, in
which often case, I really need to fire him and give the career to someone altogether different.

THREE. It would be best with luck to resume html and joomla can be too limited pertaining to my needs.


Be aware of your intuition.
You happen to be seeing some " reddish flags", and you will be correct.
Find other people. There is a bit on WDF to get hiring freelance help.
Gather specific examples regarding Joomla sites towards the done.

A number of the simplest things MIGHT wreak havoc on a layout IF this is the tight layout. History color No. Yet adding an graphic, or removing some thing can throw points around and take a moment to redo or fix the structure.

It sounds like he most likely are not experienced enough way too, which is incorporating to it.

Get another designer to look into the site if you get him the particular files. Most companies as well as freelancers will a minimum of look at the item and give some advice totally free.

Thank both of you very much on your help. I do believe I am going to talk with alternative designers and utilize referral page recommended.

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