Never had this much trouble with Search Engines

May someone help my family out here I’ve been doing personal websites cardio. I had a new automotive related site for quite some time that always got a steady flow of visitors and is particularly still in surgery now with a number of thousand members. I let probably my users have it some three years ago when WE didnt have time for this any more. Well I ‘m now trying to create a local softball forums site and for the life associated with me I cannot get this thing to look in search engines. I submitted the positioning to search engines like google, I see search engine, yahoo, msn an dask jeeves Crawlers crawling the site frequently and if I search the exact URL it drags up on the various search engines but if POST search specific terms that happen to be so general it shouldnt manage to pull up nearly anything but my site I cannot have the website. It is as if it is not reading the meta tags at all. The only difference in such a site and our previous sites is that it has a compact html front site that links on the forums from now there. One level on the forums from the chief page. I filled overall the meta information and put all the content related terms for the main page that it will be able to find it but it doesnt. It can be quite odd how this url is just invisible. I’m not a significant coder by every stretch but I know my way about. The page will be www. tulsaslowpitch. com. Can someone tell me what i’m doing wrong here We are about to shut your website down because I cannot understand it going.

To start..
I think this line indicates " no search engines like google can index our site":
< meta name=" robots" content=" noindex" >

But Google ignores that will (I believe).
Remove that line in any case.

Just how long ago did you upload the positioning and domain name
Usually it takes 3 months to become listed on Search engine.

I don’t see high of a descriptive title, and the subject and meta tags
do not have much to complement, in terms regarding content.

last but not least,
Are you experiencing other sites that connection to yours
That’s also a major indicator for The search engines.

Ok.. WE removed that line,
The domain and site have been in place for 6 or 8 months now
Ok explain the next one. I tried that can put all the search words from the meta data within the < head> area
not only that, Probably not. If I could possibly get some people get started on regularly visiting the positioning i can most likely get that done but for now Need to prove it is really a viable resource.

More things about your blog…

The vast majority of main page can be links to some other websites.
Yahoo and google hates that… it appears like a " link farm".

Your website is very demographic specific.
Just about local to your Tulsa area. This can be a good
thing in your city, but not much interest world-wide.

Apart from word-of-mouth, local classified ads, or links on local
web sites, world-wide search motor ranking is probably
not really worth spending time and effort pursuing.

Establish who your goal really is, and keep people
alone site, without dozens of links to other places.

Think of your clients (softball gamers and teams).
Why not a small mobile web-site where a player can quickly find
a schedule and also venue using their cellphone Or an SMS
meaning system for adventure reminders, rain-outs, and schedule

Yet another idea… and API or Rss feed where people could put their
sport schedules, stats, or anything else. on their house pages via your website.

Cater to the particular softball players and families in your area. Make your site a
service they might " use"… greater than a website they can easily " see".

Yet another idea…
To get " off season", build a fantasy softball league while using stats and rosters
of the real players on your complete Tulsa teams. What this means is someone would
should keep good data and stats over the regular season.


Yep.. I understand how Local your website is that’s why I really want it to show on searchs that usually are somewhat specific similar to " Tulsa Softball Leagues" or perhaps " Tulsa Softball Forums" things like that to where someone may be going online to discover information about softball with Tulsa so the site can position them to where by other players are yet once i search those stuff I get nothing at all. Although all that info is facilitating. My only dilemma is I only place the cheesy html internet page together because php3 didnt install like I wanted and ended way up one level deep. I wanted your portal front page to become the home page but this can be a level deep and I dont wish to re do everything to repair that. My old page Used to do had the portal for the reason that main page and it worked great that way. This page, not really much. I had the particular html page just being a redirect but the item didnt work that well either. Took to much time to redirect. Wasnt seemless.

Don’t you use search engines to advertise your website web site guys


It looks including your phpBB has been functioning for quite a while… as you declare… one level serious.

Here’s my suggestion (although you do not like it)…

Sign up for a new service provider account and re-install phpBB from the root directory.
Export your existing MySQL on the new MySQL (in your new site).

After you get it likely, point your domain on the new site and let your older one expire.

I realize it might cost you a strong amount (for overlap of 2 accounts),
but you really should get phpBB from the root directory if that is definitely your motive.

I think that opening page you’ve is killing a person.

This gives you a few more added benefit…
1) You can apply a bit with re-designing before repointing the website name.
2) Your new forum will be loaded with ones old MySQL data source (so no displaced data).
3) It’ll reside in the foundation directory, so abolish splash page (so that will speak).

Hi there,

The first thing is which are required a proper header title just in case your looking if anyone else is to find your webblog orgainically then you will have to do some keyword research to find out what keywords you should utilize in the bill or H1 header.

as an illustration if your site is around automotive repair so you live in seattle then your title tag would appear to be this

< title> seattle automotive repair car fix in seattle automobile repair in seattle< /title>

you it is fair to find how much traffic those keyword phrases get and can some conversion checking out.

Second you must fix your H2 headers and also put some keywords which are related to your site.

Third although search phrase density isn’t so important in Google you would like to use some keyword which might be in your title within your page content. Yahoo really for instance keyword density so determined by how competitive your market is made for automotive sites in your town you could rank pretty easy.

Also possibly you have to look with your robots meta file and remedy it. If some pages are no-index-no-follow then possibly you have some issues.

Ensure that you use " alt text" in images

loving it’s only a new one page site so the search engine may see your site since spammy.

Check which sites are already indexed by yahoo by doing " web-site: yourwebsite. com" while in the browser search club.

And meta keywords will given any value so no problem about those.

Would you like more info well then , i’ll know.

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