New guy looking for feedback

ok concerning just started with the web design little. html and css not any prob, working on your php spell check presently. if i can post my site and have some feedback that might be way cool as none of my small circle knows anything around the web besides the right way to left click. concerning worked hard on this for over 1 year now and am at a loss for innovative direction. i imagine i can get some sarcasm while in the relplys to this specific, for those just know it’s not your opinion we concern myself having. for the majority, thx much for any suggestions or critisism it’s important to offer.

hey, theres no to much sarcasm at these boards, most people are extremely valuable.
there exists a board for web site submission, people can provide you with suggesstions and price you 1 star-5star on a number of different factors

Absolutely , its called " Web site submission" or some thing lik ethat, look into it ull find them.

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