New guy with simple questions

Heya guys,
I’m a java programmer by school. Right now I’m looking to help out a pal build a page for his internet business. I have simply no real HTML/CSS, PHP experience but over the last couple days Now i’m picking it ” up ” pretty quickly.
The questions:
I keep seeing websites this way one where the many content is at the center and the region are greyed out or some other color. almost appear like it’s on paper. I’m wondering on the web get that effect
Learn how to make it therefore different links seem different using style sheets Much like the menu items VERSUS the content links within the middle
Eventually, how do I produce a static navigational menu for the left and include only the content to the right of it change based on where the user desires to go
I think it must be pretty simple however I can’t seem to find the right tutorial along with I’m pretty new to doing this (2 days) haha. I’m using visual studio 2005/2008 and ASP. NET for today because I had it available.
With thanks guys,

For your dynamic stuff, when you find yourself using ASP. I’m more about PHP, and so I can’t help
an individual there. The alternative activities… sort of hard to teach a whole course applying forum.
You could use Google to find CSS and video background examples.
It looks like there is a lot of aspiration… you’ll find support much quicker by simply searching
online – not that we can’t help, but when you experience a specific coding dilemma and
a website (link to your URL) of showing us, let us know.

I’m not sure what I have that may be dynamic. I’m probably simply not being clear with what I’m seeking to say. haha When you say ASP can you mean ASP. NET

Yeah I’ve been trying google a good deal. It’s hard while i don’t really determine what I’m searching for but on account of you I assume I’m getting nearby. Got the kind of look I’m in search of but can’t get the little bugs exercised haha. A no more seat time MY SPOUSE AND I guess…

How could MY SPOUSE AND I get my dev web-site online so I could show you guys quickly and quickly Is there a good way to do in which Sorry I’m new to doing this.

With thanks

You may have to subscribe into a webhost (like GoDaddy) and also something, and upload
your offline site files to on the web. As you are doing ASP. ONLINE, I think you may be
by using a Windows Server as an alternative to UNIX/Linux… maybe another person has a better
idea of the way that process should work. I are not aware of much about ASP. online.

Alright! Thanks plenty for your support. I finally got the initial part of my question established. There’s so much info out there it’s unreal haha.
I’ll seek out getting a temp/construction site online.

And I’ll request more specific programming questions whenever they come up! With thanks again.

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