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So I’m fresh here so in the event that im posting in the wrong forum I apologize,

Okay here should go I’m starting a fresh site(not sure In the event that I’m allowed to be able to post links but) feetheglobe. com

Basically I want to know of sort with ajax or php script that’ll please let me have users voting and in real time the results appearing any bar

I’f anyone may also help me with this it’ll be appreciated

Here’s a place to begin:
http: //net. tutsplus. com/tutorials/h… -star-rating-system-with-jquery-ajax-and-php/

Create that history system and test drive it out.

That " real-time" part will need screen refreshes for any users.
Or maybe, perhaps the AJAX scripting will manage that

POST noticed this phrase:
Votes shall be recorded and up-to-date in real-time

Once you get it operating, let us know. The output part (graphics)
can be anything. I think they are using stars, but it could be graphs as good.

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