Newbie help please

Hello there Folks,

Great site however.

I am enthusiastic about learning how to get a webpage working and wondered in the event someone could recomend the best place to begin. I am an absolute novice at this and keep taking a look at ZEn templates yet others but not too sure the direction to go.

I dont particualarly need to learn from ground way up (probably dont contain the grey matter) but need some advice on the place to start using templates i could use to trade things with so would wish a shopping basket etc.

i am sorry to waffle nevertheless heres hoping.


I would suggest that you simply learn some straightforward HTML and CSS because when you ever want to help fiddle or alter some templates then you will be stuck in case you haven’t had virtually any previous experience.
There are many tutorials out there and also online books in addition to guides. Just take a look on a search engine optimization like yahoo and also google.

sign up. com or siteground. com has fantastic doityourself setups. and also as hitch pronounces, learn it. if you plan on doing this for a time or even competing with the infinit amount of other online stores you need to move beond templates.

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