Newbie here. Does anyone know if this would be hard to do?

This only question is that end of it of the page it shows

whoops… under developer and charity feel free to use a slide to decide how much cash you contribute travels to what
hence im giving 20$
10 goes to charity
12 developer
but 5 for specifics and the other 5 for a different specific.
Does anyone know how this is done

http: //www. humblebundle. com/

Unless it’s a plug-in, that would require a lot of jQuery as well as JavaScript.

oh. Do you think it would hard for someone who knows almost no like to to generate function such as that. In different words, could MY SPOUSE AND I google search, forum and youtube enough to generate it myself of would I simply be making issues worse
Also, I enjoy you site frixel. corp. uk
I notice you use lots of JS.
That is really cool how it appears to roll if moving from selection to about all of us.
Is this JS

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I do not think you possibly can build the slider if you know very little. You’d have to find code to the slider, then make three advisors, then use javascript to help interact between the particular three. I’m saying this, because I know a little jQuery, and it’s quite out of my reach.

Gives thanks! I’m glad you prefer frixel. It had been made mainly by means of Marc(the guy POST work for), that is also a member on these community forums. We did use a lot of JS (jQuery, for being more specific). A lot of the code is easy, but very complicated to implement.

If you would like to get started learning jQuery, here’s a very good video tutorial collection.

Pshh jQuery being hard to put into practice

Also factors slider from jQuery UI your premade library for jQuery UI equipment.

http: //jqueryui. com/demos/slider/

Also I’m sure when you have 3 of them, with X costs stored in an array, have jQuery examine the values which have been currently set from the array, add them up say the total amount, process extent. I’m not sure how we would go about repeating this with 3 numerous transactions though. That part is otherwise engaged of my knowledge at the moment as I’ve never was mandated to do it.

Best of luck.

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