Newbie looking for advice

All right, I am looking to learn how to make my own website page. I learned plus was using Time period Web but it’s leaving plenty to be wanted. So, I picked up Web Designer’s Reference by Craig Grannell. It had been billed as some sort of " Integrated Method to Web Design along with XHTML and CSS. " It appears as though a pretty very good start but I want a better concept of where to move from here. The main questions are usually…

YOU. Is just learning XHTML ok or do i have to/should I learn HTML also or instead regarding XHTML

COUPLE OF. Should I obtain a book dedicated soley to CSS It appears as though there’s a whole lot more to learn so far as how to apply it.

THREE OR MORE. Can anyone recommend the proper job books for learning any of these things or can one get away with just using no cost tutorials online

Thanks in advance for the assistance.

XHTML and HTML vary forms of exactly the same thing, essentially. HTML will always be more lax around its syntactic principles (closing tags, such as, are not strictly required a lot of the time). True XHTML is actually impossible over the internet because of the fact that IE cannot handle the MIME kind properly. Most-of-the-way-there XHTML is probably one of the better ways going nowadays, with some aspects provided by HTML5 for example canvas element.

To put it briefly, don’t sweat it.

For CSS, how you wish to learn it is around you. I have yet to choose up a reserve about CSS, but I realize a fair bit. Most of the knowledge is acquired through experimentation, Yahoo and google, and reading websites. Same goes for all of my awareness, as it turns out. The web is frequently the best reference nowadays, if you know how to use it.

Good proceed abandoning Expression Online

You should check out W3Schools. They have free tutorials upon XHTML, HTML, CSS, or anything else… And it is usually. com. Good beginners luck! Have a endowed day!

I agree together with mzcat use w3schools this can be a great place to start learning which is free. The best thing to do is just start with html/xhtml and then check out css. After that you ought to learn atleast a few basic java script. But subsequently just keep learning or keep with them three.

WE agree. You don’t need a textbook to get your knowledge with this. Search the web or read blogs/forums so you can definitely learn plenty from what people are doing. You can also use eBooks which might be a great support. Although beware, usually there are some sites that will probably charge you hard and there are lots of sites out there where you possibly can download them free of charge. Definitely go for any free versions and save yourself loads of $$.
I really hope this helps.

Thanks for your advice everyone. I’ve been working with your W3 stuff until now.

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