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I’m relatively new to website page designing. I know html but almost nothing else. Below I will enter the details of type of web page i want to make. Are you able to please help me personally out. I care what i will surely have to learn to put into practice my website in addition to html; plus any softwares that i should use.

" What I wish to accomplish is build an online site from where people today can download physical activities clips.
The whole site should about 4 websites. With three different types of sports clips.
There will be two types connected with users. One who will pay for coursesmart and hence can have unlimited access. Whilst would be cost-free users and shall be allowed to download 3 video clips per day.
Now how we will do is this kind of, I don’t have any idea in any way and that’s why I am contacting you. Just how do we limit any user to 3 downloads each day.
In addition, I don’t want people to be able to post download url’s of movies on different discussion forums. Everybody does anyone want to download a video clip should be made to visit the web page. What we are capable of doing is that most people password protect every file; with the password available online but changed day-to-day.
Plus people should be allowed to generate their submissions towards website. I will appreciate a induce reply.
Please help me out because this blog is not for the aim of making money, infact i prefer to spend my private money. Please underestimate my ignorance.

What you’re applying for, is fairly intricate and involves loads of serverside scripting. It’s solution to extensive to be covered in the thread like this specific. Your site ought to handle money ventures, databases to keep track of customers, regular users, passwords, files, periods, IP’s etc. You wish to have some almost anti-leeching built in to the project as properly.

If your primary objective would be to get the site working, contact a webdesign organization and let them give you an offer. (there’s a lot of them here. You may reach a few through a post in in the ‘request a service’ online community. )

On the other hand, if your primary goal is to learn how to do this on your own, you have a lot of studying to carry out. You should single out a serverside language you would like to learn, and start after that.
After covering some basics, you should aim to break the whole task to smaller entities and focus on one at the time. If you obtain stuck somewhere in the way, then post here that has a specific problem story.

Don’t expect it to be working anytime soon.

All the best.

I would individually try C# for the type of job.

thankyou rosland in your help,……… let me fail the problem so you can give me the easiest possible soloutin…..
YOU. How can we all limit the totally free users to 3 downloads…… Does any effortless solution spring for your mind…. like wanting them to apply for and login………. and they can request any video and node would automatically deliver them user title and password to that particular file….. just like when you register to quite a few discussion forums…. this server sends us a username in addition to password automatically…… aren’t there any websites software which can perform this task………..
COUPLE OF. As for paid users you can use a vacation to handle the income transaction and we could send them consumer name and password via mail and in addition they can deal with a completely different set of directories……

You wouldn’t would like the videos downloaded would you Because then it would be all over that P2P networks in no time…
I’d also select C#. (which I’m =))

I tend not to mind any p2p because i don’t want anything….. i just never want unlimited downloads because the band width would exceed immediately…….

Please can quite a few body just tell me easy methods to create a website where one has to login….. the same as this site…. where you register plus the server sends everyone… your username plus password… and then you must use it spend money on log into coursesmart

There tend to be two easy techniques or getting this. The first would be to download a sample website and then configure that, the 2nd is to obtain the Miscrosoft Vision WebDeveloper (Visual Studio) 2005 Beta1, which in itself incorporates a fully functional web site, which you implement to create a multi-user application.

However – you should know a lot related to web design as a way to make the web-site " your own".

Wish you succeed.

Most this promotion connected with C# is good, but it pre-supposes that you just have. NET hosting (or any Linux host who have installed Mono.. not a large amount of as far because I know).

In case you make the online video media download page sign the IP address belonging to the visitor who will be downloading, then you can actually make that page re-direct them elsewhere if today’s matter is > THREE OR MORE. Bit like any hit counter, but writing to a database (or report, if you lack a database) along with IP address… you may do that which has a fairly simple php script, not any great need to over-engineer.

As to logging in, you’ll find three options…
a) Produce something bespoke! Requires some expertise in scripting etc.
b) Get them to e-mail with regard to username/passwords and arranged them up using the inbuilt security (in Linux internet hosting I’d use. htaccess/. htpasswd)
c) Download several already written software to try and do it… one option here is a CMS (eg. http: //www. mamboserver. com) or to a script (search http: //www. hotscripts. com). In actual fact, might be worth thinking about Hotscripts for the actual download manager variety functionality — may be that somebody offers already written one thing that does 80% of what you require!

Hope this offers you some ideas,


As you are didn’t tell me personally your correct IP after i tried to answer your mail!! ACCOMPLISH SO PLEASE, in case you send me private mails.

Properly… That’s even greater than I’ve done. I’m not sure it succeeds for ur practical application I’m afraid.
IP-blocking is usually used whenever a user or a new domain of IPs can absolutely be allowed or restrained.
I’ve only noticed it action on one internet site. NE. se which is a very expensive swedish dictionary. Better to use cookies and any login. Login are the most normal, having cookies to remember the password.

http: //www. votations. com/netpolls/ is found after a bit searching around. It is a VS. Net solution. It’s the only thing I could f

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