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I am new to website design/ programming. I have a " associates information" page that drags name email etc from your database and places it in to a html table. i need to wrap the email per member into a link tag along with send it to some " contact members" page that’ll be a sort page and after that it will submit towards the form mailer and so on.

my question is definitely is there a method to click on that " contact member" link and now have it pull this email address(taken through database) and insert it on the contact members page within the form field pertaining to email

basically i need to create one contact member form and now have it dynamically push email addresses with the contacts page in addition to display that address while in the form field

If the script in which processes and blows the email is known as " contact. php".

For the " members information" site, as you display the table, make each member’s appoint a link in this way:

< a new href=" contact. phpe=< =$email> " > $member_name< /a>

I do not know what your aspects names are, so you’ll ruin your day that.

In that case, in the phone. php script, you $_GET the particular variable ($e) from your URL link.

Some points to consider,
Since you’ve got a database, you could solely use an ID (instead on the email address).
That way, spammers would never see the very email address (nor anyone else for this matter),
unless the recipient messages them back. Slightly less public data.

Lacking the necessary information (scripts, types, HTML, etc)… hard to answer ones question.

If you would like learn PHP, then please visit these link, hopefully you can learn PHP in depth with some superior examples too, your website is as is a follower of:

w3schools. com/php/default. asp

: aimangel:

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