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Hi all. I’ve designed, if I might say so personally, a pretty effective looking website that features a fair whack involving content.

I would prefer to design some sort of news page that may be updated (I make use of Dreamweaver), where all of the news is saved on one page, so each articl would not needa seperate site (that’d take my home forever).

I dreamed about anchors, because you can give each article a seperate ‘URL’ and you also can link to any component to the page, but can there be another way to complete it Anchors are not difficult, but someone I know has used these folks already…

Just about any advice Cheers,


P. VERTS: Any ideas regarding how I might get a comments sytem doing the job

Is it your own news, or could it be news from additional web sites

I’m sort of thinking of PHP that will display the reports… in a uncomplicated way.


http: //www. wordpress. org

Feel free to use customized CMS utilizing PHP & Java script or simply just download and custom-made WordPress.

You will want to do it began seeing I’ve done it.

http: //www. godaycare. com/childcarearticles

Have got a page where all your news is displayed (title and also a brief excerpt). Each time a visitor clicks to the title, the new page is loaded with the whole news story or the aricle. Simple in addition to effective (digg. com uses identical setup)

If you work with dreamweaver I located a nifty program call " collapsible panels" its a pretty neat feature I do think, you can placed a title with the panel that features a rollover efect as being a default, when clicked the particular panel unfolds with a quick animation in addition to displays the written content on that panel, so you could possibly put a title against your news or headline or whatever you are wanting to display and when that name is actually clicked, the story will be unfolded and available on that identical page and if you would like read a numerous article, you can near that panel and open a fresh one by simple clicking the title of the panel. I possess used it in this article on my web-site, not too extensivly but it gets the occupation done for me
Here’s where i applied it:
www. undisputedforceclan. com

You are using blog template so may be possible to happened this difficulty.

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