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Undecided if I ought to be happy. I was featured within a newspaper article, however the author misquoted the hell beyond me to match the purposes on the article she planned to write. I feel the actual advice she wound up giving is skewed, e. g. the heavy focus on meta tags and " Facebook Connect" being used beyond context you might say that makes me seem like I have no idea what it will be.

http: //www. miamiherald. com/2010/03/08/1517111/solve-meta-tag-mystery-to-help. html

What do you guys think


You understand so much using this stuff, that around your mind, she made you glance " stupid".
Nonetheless to us (speaking to get myself), that’s not likely the case. We live not even
to the same level when you, so the write-up looks and appears to be intelligent.

I obtained the idea that your focus was on demographics, targeting newer people
by using their own " world" connected with Facebook, etc.

Used to do chuckle at " Fowl Kitchen". Maybe you should have suggested your hip name
for any temple… like " That Jew Crew"

You should not worry, the article pays to me.

LOL, Chicken Kitchen is often a real company, even though… it’s a eaterie franchise! www. chickenkitchen. com

CERTAINLY! CK is arriving soon to Minnesota!

LOL! Never cross your fingertips! It’s " approaching soon" to EVERYWHERE!

You simply never have lived until somebody tries taking you apart by carrying out a live radio occupation interview. Ah, good periods.

Taking a quick look on the article, what actually experienced print, it’s hard to find what’s got people bothered.

All reports will selectively edit to get the article they want to write. It really is their article.

Once the press really comes after you with an agenda in mind, there will be non-in demand ask what persons think. You pretty much get a direct idea on the hate mail. This specific press is very good press.

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