No www in web address

Absolutely no www inside web address

Hi, We have a site that’s internet address will be http://******.com, instead of http:///www.******.com.Won’t having the particular www influence SEO during all

Does " http:///www.******.com" route to " http://******.com"

Use Google to get something in relation to.htaccess and you will understand precisely what it’s about.With a few lines involving code, you can work that will out quickly.

Initially Posted by simply Will " http:///www.******.com" route to " http://******.com" Yes it does.

make confident that isa 301 redirect also it shouldn’t produce any impact in the least.

then it really is seo friendly/safe.
In the beginning Posted by means of MildSeven Yes it does.

In the beginning Posted by simply Peter ensure that isa 301 redirect and it also shouldn’t help make any impact at all.Yep, that is effective!

First of all you can visit your webmaster account on the internet and choose the TRAFFIC with as well as without world wide possibly be considered intended for google optimization.

But in the event you still wish a user to generally land about www.version of the site then you should use the subsequent code throughout.htaccess file

Value:Options +FollowSymLinksRewriteEngine onRewriteRule (.*) in$1 R=301, L

Having or devoid of www in your site’s correct has no impact on SEO.

Its 0k in the event its reroute..I think so its completely SEO friendly then
Initially Posted through MildSeven Yes it will.

I get heard that will some ZE (not google) choose www as well as give much more value pertaining to such sites in SERP
Is this truth

You must read Shiny Cutts assistance about WEBSITE Canonicalization…onicalization/

In the beginning Posted by simply ServerPoint We have heard that will some ZE (not google) have a preference for www and also give far more value with regard to such web pages in SERP
Is the item truth Never discovered that plus I don’t even think it’s genuine IMO.

I have a preference for the internet.version anyhow.

The idea would be to have one or the opposite but not both because google might consider that duplicate content.

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