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My friend and I are currently starting up a Non-Profit Organization and are wondering generate, or how much it could cost to hire someone to generate a donation page We would want it to be similar to the NAACP’s donation web site: https: //org2. democracyinaction. org/o/2446/t/1366/shop/custom. jspdonate_page_KEY=3 We’d also as it to have a new recipt page immediately after people donate dollars. The site can be hosted at godaddy.
I am hoping that someone here will often have some ideas to me. From what Relating to read I usually do not think I could make anything since My business is just profitient by using HTML.
Please ok , i’ll know what your thoughts are. WE appricate any thoughts, tips, or assist.
Thanks a lot

A couple of things about their particular page.

First of all, they have selected a credit card merchant to tackle the transaction.
I think they are utilizing VeriSign (but not necessarily sure). That seriously isn’t free. Each CC Merchant
has unique variations of charges… monthly, by transaction, % with amount…
the item varies between brokers.

Secondly, they are utilizing a secure server (note the HTTPS as opposed to HTTP).
That also expenditures extra money to get hosted on the secure server.
Using this method is called " AIM" Advanced Integration Method.

If you would like your site that they are similar, expect to shell out these fees (and it may not cheap).

You could decide on a " SIM" Very simple Integration Method, like PayPal… where you never need
a secure server, women and men transaction is handled without using your website (like PayPal).
You still pay a CC fee in any event. You don’t need to pay for a secure server.

And so, decide if you really want it like theirs or not.

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