noob 1st website help

hi, my 1st posting and website greetings everyone
including i said i’m new to webdesign, i have seen lots regarding dreamweaver and photoshop video lessons and have fundamental concept, i created this and i need to turn it in to a nice website, with a header and nav with the top, conent at the center and footer with the bottom
i learn how to slice it and all that, just once i place it inside dreamweaver things receive really complicated issues dont allign very well, dont know the right way to type over the image at the center, i want the can i have a unchanging size, but when when i insert a dev tag at the center it just doesnt work how i want
i am really confused, support me out plz
gives thanks

Do you learn how to code by hand In that case how well. And can even we please discover the page for action. I’d like to assist but I would prefer more details.

hi diddy
nope im not good at coding
and here’s the website around dreamweaver, i think this way you will fully grasp my problem http: //i42. photobucket. com/albums/e313/c667/indreamweaver. jpg
how i did this, i used tables and also a center background image so it would look this im writing within the page (cuz you cant write on an image)
although things get just about all messed up, the content area is just not right and the center doesnt fit well when using the top and the particular buttom

Okay, so when people say you don’t learn how to type over the image at the center are you discussing the lined binder guide Becasue for you will want to set that for a background and simply just type normal wording over that. Proper way to do that’s to learn to help code. Learn some tutorials on the internet for HTML, XHTML and also CSS. I’m thinking the best ways to do that might to, in a person’s HTML, place these where you want this to get:

< div id=" content" >
form your content with here
< /div> 

And in your CSS, type these:


bigger: 800px;
background: url(background. jpg);
background-repeat: repeat-y;
edge: 0;

You can transform the width and the background url to meet your requirements, same with the actual repeat and county etc. What it is saying that for your div (area with the page), the bigger is 800 pixels, the background will be the url that people specify, and that (for thix example) this background will only repeat over the y-axis. There will be no borders.

I’m guessing several of this may be foreign for you, but this is definately the best ways to do that. Just learn what you are able to. Go for course at http: //www. w3schools. com. These are really good. Or get a book.

As well, are you utilizing tables to lay out your website Because tables shall no longer be used to system sites, now only for displaying tablature data. Position your web site with divs as well as style with css.

In your fixed width within your stie problem, still again html along with css are the go. Wrap the entire site into the div, so within the HTML, do the following:

< div id=" wrapper" >
websites content goes here
< /div> 

Then in your CSS, do the following:


bigger: 800px;
margin: 0 crash;
padding: 0;

That need to work for centering the website on the internet page. For best taking a look at in multiple screen sizes, specifying a wider of 800 and also 750 pixels ‘s best. But no larger than 1024.

You additionally said things aren’t aligning very well. Usiing HTML and CSS correctly should do this, as WHEN I said, do some course and see what happens.

Expectation this helps!

oh thanks so much
ill try that out at the moment!

Ok, glad to hear I became a help. When you have any more doubts, just ask along with we’ll do our best that will help you!

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