Novice Question: How to create page with dynamic elements, ie: menu’s & pagelets..

Heya guys,
I just now found your forum and I do think it’s great! I’ve learned a whole lot already. I have recently been a webmaster for numerous years, very novice although – and will have been using just HTML plus much more recently CSS. I’ve had some encounter with frames/iframes, tables all that will stuff and am prepared to learn more…
I maintain one or two websites currently (all amateurish) and I have been asked to create another one… with this new one I’d like to take an alternative approach. One of the pet peeves with each one of my current websites is when we have a menu change or perhaps something similar (ie: add a different image to the header, new link inside footer, navigation pub, etc… ) I must manually update each and every page…
Most websites I see now take over dynamic elements (I think these are similar to pagelets) – (for example, http: //news. bbc. corp. uk/) I’m sure they don’t specify their links in every page and also the little box that says most in-demand stories…, but somehow call up these links on the page.. this is what I would like to learn how to do, can anyone inform me how this is done, where I possibly could read more over it, and/or are right now there any sample sites on the market that I could possibly download and play with that will me see your relationships…
I really hope this is inside the right section from the forum, I thanks a lot in advance for any assistance you guys can perform.
With thanks,

Look up " php includes" around Google. You can’t observe php code within the page source because doing so is server part. You can make use of includes for what precisely you are talking about. Too long to show in a post however it is pretty straightforward.

Thank you completely, that is what exactly I needed to know. Cheers!

Why not just use Hubpages, Drupal, Joomla or among the numerous blog/CMS solutions, a piece of cake to implement your present layout design.

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