okay let me see if I can explain this clearly….

i’m working on a page with links about the left side with the pages. Instead of that links taking the consumer to another page I would really like it to just change during the page. How do i do that I’d really appreciate tips or someone to be able to gear me properly. Thanks.

In the event the page can often be refreshed –> use PHP
In the event the page cannot often be refreshed –> use < iframe>

A person provided no different information (your abilities, experience, what you’ve now, what you will have attempted, a website to consider, etc. )

im creating a web site for a small business. I’m basically just experienced in html page and css. I don’t possess the website up yet to signify. I didn’t definitely attempt anything yet because I simply thought of it, I mean I am just assuming its a lot better than having 7 diverse pages. It’s a mobile store and We’ve about 7 different cellular telephone brands. Instead of clicking using a brand and possessing customers redirected to some different page when I thought whenever they clicked the link and also the page ( or whatever is better to describe it) fundamentally showed up in the centre it would are more efficient. Does in which make sense lol

After they click on the actual link, can the actual page be renewed, or does your middle
need to update without a page refresh

I rather it updates devoid of the page refreshing.

I have no idea of if this may help you or not necessarily but I came accross this a time ago and regarded it when studying this thread:
http: //www. dynamicdrive. com/dynamicindex17/featuredcontentglider. htm

I’m looking for ways to a job in web design. Is it okay make use of script from sites like dynamic Do employers look down on that

I guess it’s ok to work with stuff from individuals sites like dynamic drive providing you give credit score. Often when you have a look at their coding this they’ve set up so that you can copy and insert into your value, there is a personal line of credit. I’m not convinced what employers look at it, since i’m not actually around but have web design/development as a hobbie while Im at school, but I’m speculating they probably just want it to get done. But they probably choose to give credit. Just ask your employer over it.

The page i directed you to definitely was only meant as a guide, so you could potentially write your private script, but based on the dynamic push one.

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