Oldie but a Newbie Needs Your Input on SiteBuilding


I have been creating sites for a few years off and on very long time ago, I use to make use of front-page and Dreamweaver but are out dated lol as you will discover so many additional options out there these days. I have usually had the desire to create sites full time but I just never got your round to this with my different work and all. As I get older I would like to build as well as maintain sites fairly often.

We freelancers are blessed to obtain this gift to make use of where ever we would like to, and the ability to internet marketing is great!

These past couple of months it seems people experienced interest in my family building sites therefore to their various businesses and also a church as well.

Below are a few questions I get, please help answer whenever you can.

1. Every site is built with say dreamweaver in addition to or photoshop : where does coursesmart get placed

2. I have used Homestead in the past but have been evaluating site builders for example Jimdo and Weebly. I have not used such site builders before and was curious about what your imagination were on them

3. Also We have heard a good deal about WordPress in addition to what your rise on that

4. Whether a client wants a niche site built with a niche site builder so they could maintain there web site, what would one charge for any 6 page web site with free estimation form, photo gallery and call us today info

5. I would love your responses on building web pages with site building contractors, and how additional ways you create your sites. What would be your most dynamic, non expensive in addition to simplest way and place to create a site

I understand I have plenty of questions but I truly do need assist, as it’s been a while since I have created a niche site and I be determined by my fellow designers like yourself to give me your sincere input! I thanks too!

Thank you!

1. Any completed site needs to be placed on some type of hosting… There are literally a large number of hosting providers around.

A COUPLE OF. Sitebuilers are actually designed for individuals and businesses that would like to build their website but not pay out a designer… Most do their very own hosting, but search engines generally tend to avoid them as nearly all sites built like this have very very little content.

SEVERAL. WordPress is any CMS ( content management system )… That can be done a lot along… Would be the preferred method for your #5. Fundamentally, you setup coursesmart, enter the essential and beginning facts, then setup any user account to let them to revise the content, and not edit the website structure…

4. See # 3

5. Ir you really will be using getting into web page design… Consider a hosing bill that toucan fix multiple domain to help… Then you can certainly actually host multiple webpages, a testing atmosphere, etc…

Doing webpages for a living is a lot more than just creating coursesmart… Dumping it over a server… If you still have DW, it is still a usefule tool to perform sites with.. You should not spend money over a program should you have that… If not… Any decent text editor is fine…


One thing to include – even if you’re going to be influenced by software to build your website (I’m guessing you’re a drag & fall kinda person), you should learn/brush up about HTML and CSS. While WYSIWYG (What You see Is What You Get) editors in addition to CMS solutions including WordPress have improved in how many people generate HTML, likelihood is, you’ll need to go under the hood sometime.

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