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Hello there, I’m looking for a lot of help…
I belong into a Citizens Patrol group and i’m trying to figure out an online calendar that is usually used as the scheduler.
What Concerning right now is really a website for anyone to see, and then the subsite that people can log on to using a username in addition to password (which is conducted using a internet tool provided by the site host).
What I would like is for the how do people remember that your user has logged on, and they can then go into a calendar where you will have an event placed. The event would have been a shift, and would have a button or something that this user could click nevertheless ‘sign me up’ or something to that effect, and it would automatically add that persons name on the shift, so that if other people was to come along they could go to the calender, and observe that 2 other people have signed up for this move, and could also click the button to include their name if they liked…
Related to i’m explaining me personally alright. I dont know where to take a look, and I dont realize any real coding…. i built all my website in ms publisher (boo hiss, i’m sure, but like post said i dont know everything else )
Any help could well be appreciated…. for reference point website is internet. nanaimocops. com

Hello there Jessew,
Brand new looked into Yahoo and google Calendar www. yahoo. com/calendar/

Out of your box, it is really basic and will not satisfy your requirements, but it will a look if you have not checked the item out already.

Ya, basically what as well as is what I currently have, what I need could be the functionality of people being able to click that button to check out a shift

Try with google search and you will definetly get this.

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