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Hello Guys,
I was wondering if anyone had some ideas of how the below can be accomplished, easily.
I have a smallish portal built with HTML used for a lot of internal things and I am looking for a simple way to edit it via the internet so other can simply edit the same page with out FTP access and having to manually edit the particular page via a strong html editor.
So anyone know of a simple way to edit the actual page online
I doubt it is usually done without utilizing a DB, but I are looking at a simple way to directly change the html file via a web html editor than I’ll build into the page itself.
Bless you!

You’d edit it via a portal installed through your host.

yes. you will want serverside scripting for example php. i am creating a page manager this week to raise the rest with my customer cms products and solutions to package along with designs.

Bless you, but that truly doesn’t help by any means. I am looking for something to value in, not a solar panel I need to raise the servers.

I was afraid of which, thanks.
Do you men by chance know of any systems which might be partially built in place so i don’t have to start from damage

If I realize you correctly…
Cushy cms
That enables for simple editing and I think you can alter the code way too.

Or this
http: //tinymce. moxiecode. com/.

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