Online Movie List Application Project

Hello there,

I’m new towards the forum, but not necessarily new to world wide web development. For background We’ve working knowledge from the following: HTML, CSS, PHP, MYSQL, Javascript. Otherwise I’ve touched base on Ruby and a number of other programming languages.

I’m planning to create for personal use (eventually may well go public) your movie list application. I don’t like the interface I’m getting on other websites such as imdb’s my video list, flickchart, icheckmovies, flixster or even mlistr.

I’m trying to figure out what languages could work and be the most efficient. I have absolutely no issues learning an innovative language to start this.

Depends if it’s when you, or for many person (e. f. if you desire / need your database), but virtually any language would accomplish.

http: //www. dvdaf. com/ plus http: //trakt. tv/ will be other movie checklist sites.

On earth do you explain what can it be that you aren’t keen on in all some other interfaces or web services that you simply mention.

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