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I’m trying to help a social group come up with a photo submission site. They would as if it to have a smallish picture of each person using contact information next to the picture. Each member needs to update the directory independent. I really never need any great features. What are my options Obviously, free is greatest.

Gives thanks,

I realize it wouldn’t be free to hire a freelancer to whip something way up,
but it surely wouldn’t cost a lot of. There’s a section on this subject forum
for getting programming help (for hire).

Does your webhost have got a MySQL account you are able to use

Does each member need to register themselves, or can
the admin person do that for each member

Also provide the proper webpage (photo directory) with a few of them
previously showing… so we could see what the result is supposed to look like.
Give us the URL to that particular.

If you already have that website done, and just needs the programming for
the particular listing, I could probably take action for about $50.

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