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Hello! I’m new here. I have zero idea where to be able to post my dilemma, mainly because MY SPOUSE AND I don’t even find out what program or language make use of to make this kind of happen.

I’m picking a graduate course and You want to design the tutorial/workshop. My workshop or tutorial will be about blogging and how you can create a web site. I will workout on Google Blogger for your workshop, I’m very sure. I may possibly use WordPress, however I never have got before.

What I would really like to do, is have this step-by-step instructions open in a very separate window that stays while in the foreground, so my learner are able to reference it while they may be working on producing their blog within a separate window (the parent or guardian window).

Is there how to do this Should i make an applet maybe that does this is certainly there one already made that is certainly freeware I should use I don’t necessarily desire to reinvent the steering wheel here. lol

Any and all advise might be greatly appreciated! We’ve one month from today to do the entire article and present it for the class.

i use yahoo and google and don’t nurture wordpress. having said that, you have to use wordpress. i have the google blog but it is limited and may well not have all the choices you need.

as for the window, a window would have been a popup and really annoying. also keeping it while in the foreground is not a choice you can deal with.

with wordpress you may add a javascript box that can stay in the particular foreground. with some work you may allow click and drag hence the user can go it around.


When you’ve got (or can get) a microphone for the PC, you can use free software like
this (see below) that will record a guide directly from a person screen. You will make several
small segments that a user can play while following together.

It’s flexible more than enough to record Flash videos in a very smaller window desires to be able
to remain seated on top (I didn’t consider that option, however there’s many options).

It records directly instantly from your screen and microphone, this means you talk as
anyone demonstrate the Blogger Blog.

The software is 100 % free. The free express version does everything except allow
modifying. So if you ruin, you just remove it an record the latest one.

Here i will discuss the software:
http: //bb-flashback-express. en. softonic. com/

I’ll make a preview (without sound) and post the WEB SITE to it.

Here i will discuss a working model. I don’t understand how to make it stay on top though:
http: //www. catpin. com/example


Bless you! I have utilised Blogger before as well as thought since I already understand how to use it/short period, it might become easier. And blogger allows one to post video. Mlseim, this will work well with all your option. I do use a microphone, a low-priced microphone, but used it for just a previous project/tutorial.

Then again, I was simply just reading over Wetpaint (before I examined here for responses), plus it claimed to have only video if MY SPOUSE AND I payed extra, i. e. not zero cost… heh Dorky, do you know if this is correct Easily can get some Javascript up with there, that is cool. I did similar to WordPress for the fact I could create seperate tabs of information – great to get a tutorial. But that darn no movie thing!

I know some of my participants want to do this to promote video and pictures with their kids. Ugh! Now i am so confused.

Thanks a ton both so much to the suggestions. If you are interested in comment on our rambling here, that is going to be well ingested too!: nervous:

that is certainly so awesome!!!

What’s so awesome Thinking of trying to mistake me more LOL j/k


The video point (either Flash or AVI) is usually a program you install on your personal computer.
You make the videos after which it create a distinct webpage where your user can
check out the links to determine various sections. The video thing just isn’t part of Live journal,
although you can actually put some inbound links on WordPress, or use a free Flash embedded battler.
You can actually also use Myspace.

I’m just thinking of a way it is possible to demonstrate how to work with WordPress by actually
with it… a working example the place that the users see (and hear) exactly what you’re doing.

It will be your own voice, and your own computer screen that they view.


With a different topic, anyone mention allowing folks to upload plus view videos.
Find the WordPress plugin to get Youtube. Do all that using Youtube.

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