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i want to know how to conserve different pages with similar contents to ensure the links look as numbers in ascending order. post. e 1 3 3 4…… in the same way it is about pages like videos sites so that as it appeared within the posts page of this site, any one with an idea should help as i’m desperately trying to find a suggestion

It’s all done which has a database, such seeing that MySQL.

Your site would actually become 1 page.
It then uses PHP to view what content for you to display on of which page.
It really is called " dynamic" webpages.

What’s your site about, and what will be the content

Maybe something like WordPress might be a very important thing for you to utilize

i utilised cirtex as the webhost, so i guess we have mysql at our disposal. Now to resolution your question within the content of this site.
it is just a site that i plan to use to host videos in different categories. i. e Gospel music, stylish hop ect, that just a good example so i can be grateful if ough could explain accomplishing this in details to do, thnx

One thing is to define which videos you can have.

Will you be using all. flv (flash type) videos I almost recommend that because
embedded adobe flash players (like FlowPlayer) can be free and incredibly compatible between
operating systems.

To get an example of FLV videos, see this site:
http: //www. tormented. tv

They will use all. flv video tutorials with free FlowPlayer embedded.
They also have a piece of food feature where you pick the best genre and
it only shows this videos within this genre. It uses MySQL for any database,
queries, etc.


Another thing to determine is how a videos get submitted.
Will you be doing that you using FTP, or maybe will others be uploading them
Or maybe, will you be requiring some type of admin control panel


What number of videos will right now there be, and are there any copyright challenges to deal with


Is a site open to be able to public, or affiliates only
That adds a whole new aspect to the MySQL and manage panel, user profiles, for example.


As possible see, this will get very elaborate, and what features you desire will
considerably change how it can be done. Maybe you want to use Drupal or perhaps Joomla instead

Explain the features you require for the online video media hosting site.

Howdy mlseim
Thank for any replies so way, i really enjoy your help.
i will use o publish. flv and also mean to use joomla as being a site creation carrier.
I intend to own as many videos as we can get and my organization is gonna manage the copyrights challenges involved. The site is gonna always be public, anyone nobody can type the url or who can click on it may possibly view the training videos.

NB: As per my main question in this post and the web-site you used for example, www. tormented. com, what i wanna accomplish is almost just like the A B C D E …. found on http: //www. tormented. tv/musicvideos. phpp= so when a visitor clicks on a character it can lead them to the category of videos they may be interested in

You will be using Joomla, so do whenever you can using the adventures and things
for you to find. Many add-on modules for video programs, etc. You’ll most likely end-up
finding things you require, but later upon, if you don’t make contact with us with your internet site URL
in addition to show us just what exactly you currently possess.

I believe you can insert your own personal PHP scripting for you to customize any video clip system you
may have. I know for sure that www. tormented. tv was scripted personally (no Joomla),
so I can’t enable you to much with any of the video modules you might need for Joomla.
(I actually know that because I assisted that site owner with some PHP/MySQL scripting).

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