New board new ideas?

I am aware in this competive industry, starting a aboard is hard in order to get it to help survive is trickier, so i came up with theme that assaults peoples attantion all of which make them appear and maybe join world wide web. f***yourhost. com " interesting name but significant board " Now i am aware it will offend lots of people but its meant to harm no one just stick out and get focus, were giving at a distance t-shirts and cash if anyone is to get these people interested, any ideas or imput will be greatly accepted.

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Request for PHP and ASP Info

I see that the majority of employers ask to get PHP experience. My colloege teaches ASP however is not PHP. I are aware that these two coding ‘languages’ are server area. Can anyone i highly recommend you give me information about the differences of these kind of two scripts I dont know a great deal about PHP but I realize its said to be fairly easy to use and learn. http: //php. web is great to get learning That is a touchy subject although I" ll ensure that you get my opinion (in the finale that’s all which is left – opinion) ASP and PHP could essentially do the same things. The difference between the 2… well, ASP is microsoft – (basically) calls for IIS as a person’s server and (usually) purposes VB style coding. PHP is amenable source – contributed through the entire community of web-developers and composed of a bunch involving little functions in reality. I’ts more " standard" style coding – c/c++/javascript/etc. Arguing performance is silly because the limited differences are overwhelmed by constant updates to the languages and computer hardware that it’s currently being served off. I chose PHP (I know a great deal of ASP … Continue reading

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Free Forums

it is possible to best free forum that is the easiest to edit we have had a stick around in phpbb also it has given me personally a headache trying to find where the html code is kept in order to specify things for example widths etc. InvisionBoard is supposedly the most beneficial free one. i tried to have a look at that but coursesmart doesn’t work to me… is anybody else having this concern http: //www. invisionboard. com found the html page finally, it appeared to be all stored throughout tpl files I used phpBB RC2 a while back and located the templates a new nightmare to revise. Another good free website software is Burning up Board, http: //www. woltlab. de Version 1. 1. ONE PARTICULAR and 1. 2 are very good for me. I used this specific forum software ahead of i purchased vBulletin. Craig Cost-free: invision for positive, stylesheets are a certain amount of a hastle general health give no guide of where the class is used. Template editing is actually decent. website: http: //www. invisionboard. com Private: VBulletin for positive, template editing in addition to style editing can be great, it’s got leading edge features, and … Continue reading

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Best ShoppingCart Software?

Good day, I’m building a website for the shop of our mum. See this thread to the design: http: //www. webdesignforums. net/thread6622. html But that doesn’t matter. Were planning to create an internet shopping cart. But we need software for your. I’m asking ones opinions about what you would imagine the best looking cart software is definitely In addition, I don’t need free software and also try-out stuff. Payment to the shopping-cart isn’t problems, I need great software Thx ahead of time. confidence I trust Amazon, Yahoo, and Paypal all have a quality carts. Paypal Euhm that isn’t the reason I mean a code for the actual website where products may be placed on as well as viewed. People can place decorative accessories automaticly in some sort of shopping cart if they are finished, they can invest in Yes, that’s precisely what I meant. All 3 of people sites have carts you could put on your page so people can afford your products to suit your needs, but those websites process the cart to suit your needs. Usually they receive a small fee from your transaction. Ow.. hmm I am going to see. I was more thinking of something I … Continue reading

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language translation

anyone have any ideas regarding how to translate content into diff languages http: //world. altavista. com/ Take note: unless this can be uber-casual, never use an internet translation tool mainly because while they’re usually helpful to vocabulary, they suck majorly from grammar. predetermined, depending on what you need i would get a pro translator inside i feel translation. com presents cheap professional translations Actually, I think Google is doing the best within the free translation market. They’re the first people to really put serious manpower and money right service like this. Although it doesn’t compare to somewhat of a human, I discover the translations to become fairly decent. http: //www. the search engines. com/language_tools LOL, didn’t know you could set google for you to hacker, pig latin and also klingon languages Hip stuff.

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seeing files in a dir

Instruction online my geocity days to weeks, in some situations I possibly could bring up an index of all files at my server, throough web browser. The way protected Code: < php system(‘ls -la /path/to/your/dir/’); > or Code: < php $handle=opendir(‘. ‘); echo" < dining room table width=’260′ border=’1′ cellspacing=’0′ cellpadding=’0′ bordercolor=’#000000′ cellspacing=’0′ cellpadding=’0′ align=’center’ bordercolor=’#000000′ bgcolor=’FFFFFF’ name=’mid’ height=’8′> < tr cellpadding=’0′ border=’1′ bordercolor=’#000000′ bgcolor=’999999′> < div align=’center’> < font face=’verdana’ size=’1’color=’#000000′> < b> information in directory< /b> < /tr> "; when (false! ==($file = readdir($handle))) when ($file! = ". " & & $file! = ".. " & & $file! = " index chart. phtml" ) $filename = str_replace(" _", " ", $file); $fTime = filemtime($file); $today = getdate($fTime); $month = $today’month’; $mday = $today’mday’; $year = $today’year’; $filename = str_replace(". pdf", " ", $filename); $filename = str_replace(". doc", " ", $filename); echo " < tr bgcolor=’cccccc’> < td> < b> < font face=’verdana’ size=’1′> < img src=’folder. bmp’> < a new href=$file target=_blank> $filename< /a> < /td> < /b> < td> < font size=1> $month $mday, $year < /font> < /font> < /td> < /tr> "; closedir($handle); > second example for http: //www. ecarbon. net sale Geocities doesn’t support … Continue reading

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Book Suggestions

Greetings, I’m going to be starting out with website development, and have compiled a list of books in expectations of mastering the particular software I individual. As well as the fundamentals of web development. From what I’ve seen there are various pro’s on this forum, and would likely appreciate feedback at my book list! The money necessary for these books isn’t cheap, but I physique after I learn doing this It won’t take long to generate all the $$$ MY SPOUSE AND I spend back. Macromedia Dreamweaver MX Unleashed Fireworks MX Bible Flash MX Bible Macromedia Flash MX ActionScript Bible Macromedia FreeHand EIGHT (With CD-ROM) HTML for the world wide web with XHTML and also CSS: Visual QuickStart Information, Fifth Edition JavaScript Holy bible, 4th Edition /list=1 Thanks to your assistance! If I have a look on your list, it are all books who are good to start/learn webdesign. To design websites, HTML knownledge ought So, If in conversation with make websites within HTML (without frontpage 2000) you actually should buy selection 6. HTML for the world wide web with XHTML along with CSS. Also, CSS is really usefull for creating styles who you can use on every page of … Continue reading

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Useful server-side forms

OKAY, not advertising in this article, just posting a thing that comes really handy in my opinion.: ) www. formbuddy. com can be a cool system that helps you create forms, and put them against your webpage, and have persons contact you doing this, instead of including your e-mail, many people just click post, and it can either check out your " e-mail" or " forumbuddy. com’s" e-mail service you get when you join. Its pretty nice. If you go there, they reveal the coding thoroughly and clearly. I know theres others, I became just recommending this because doing so came extremely easy to my opinion.

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Biggest Free Webmaster Tools Directory

Now i’m constantly making cost-free webmaster tools (see my sig for one), and I ordinarily submit them to a lot of the free article marketer tools directories available (for example, www. webmasteredge. com. However, now that kresch. com can be gone, I really aren’t able to think of lots of big ones. Hence, what’s the most important free webmaster tools directory you already know of Gives thanks! I have no idea of how major he is, but I just did some generate this guy who have 1, 000 web sites: http: //www. stickysauce. com I would be interested to learn if you find this becoming a good directory or perhaps not.

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Damsel in Distress!!!

Hi Everyone, For starters, this is my own first post on this forum so howdy to everyone and With regards to you’ll all proceed easy on my family: classic: Appropriate then, here is my problem.. My own website, www. dirtynights. com is very much visible from everywhere in addition to my own DESKTOP. I’ve got friends evaluate from their pcs at the office and home and so far everything seems fine – look for yourselves! After i try and obtain from IE in your own home I just get greeted which includes a " Cannot Entry page… " filter. As you want this is definitely stressing me away..: bored: With the record.. -I made my site utilizing dreamweaver -I uploaded your website using CuteFTP32 over a broadband connection -I’m not incredibly technical so WHEN I haven’t got a clue where do you start.. You need to, Please help my home.. HelenD When did people register your site as I’m enjoying a DNS error. It may be because the DNS configuration hasn’t yet been passed onto your ISP. Wait last week is all that can be done. If your problem persists, i doubt, contact your Host and explain what’s going upon! … Continue reading

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