Bugger it Pickler, maybe in setup ???

Okay got the digital directory working, but no option allowing file browsing…. is this related to IIS setup of course , if so can l basic install the not often known components or do you find it more problematic than that… Well thats what you get for using IIS! But anyhoo isn’t it in properties of the Directory Below permissions!! Hangon you didnt repeat this via the sorcerer did you IIS 5 VARIOUS or 4 Emergeny room… gonna say type 5 (the the one that comes with Win2k)… Yeap setup the particular directory via the wizard but the wizard didn’t deliver the Browsing option….. which it does about this PC… Did a simple investment standard load around the PC it’s not taking care of….. Cant be FIVE coz it gives you the option to browse within the wizard when the actual Access Permissions screen happens! You could didnt select this! Permissions filter only has a pair of options Read Write Should never there be a pair of further options, 1 of which is the look at… Should be 3 i’m sure!! Bugger has learned whats causing this!! It is IIS 5 right and also you have admin protection under the … Continue reading

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Wav or not?

Will be best kind involving sound file to utilize for a web site I tried make use of a wav but for any 1 1/2 minutes song its for instance 12MB and im using a free host and dont have tons of free space that will through around. Can there be a better kind to utilize and the wav was choosing a long ass moment to load and play. I are to pages that are fitted with a song playing and yes it didnt take such a long time. Is this even though im on a no cost host so stuff arent going quickly is there a method to use like an Mp3 in an attempt to save space CD is good, for your web page apply something around 96 kbits/sec with the bitrate. QuickTime is effective too. However to consider that it is known as extremely unprofessional (and annoying to my advice, at least) each time a webpage suddenly begins blasting music.

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Setting up vBulletin forums

Internet marketing running an Apache Node on W2K, what else must i need to create vBulletin forums http: //www. php. net/ http: //www. mysql. com/ A legal license. The h4x0red type not only is frequently out of time frame, but denies you entry to other goodies which a paid license makes you, including PSDs on the buttons and having access to the vB help forums, as well as usage of all hacks. Well worth the $85 IMHO Are you aware of any free W2K as well as Apache (for W2K) Community forums, I hopefully can be easy to create I located one!! I as well got it functioning, even though it was a ***** to setup,, b/c they din’t tell easy methods to set it up in the least. It also appears vaguilly familiar to the. http: //www. phpbb. com/ Here is my site check it out! Http: //fitz. fd-soft. com/forum Next best thing to a paid vBulletin: Losing Board v1. YOU. 1 Comprehend it at www. woltlab. de British hacking site from www. wbbmods. com Everyone getting that little bit of crap set in place though.

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Login thiny

how one can do a individual verification thiny similar to when u look at the live shoutbox. (u should be able to tell me furby) The particular one is a convoluted selection of PHP, MySQL, and also raw HTTP headers. Do you need to just protect an easy directory If so look into. htaccess files: the search engines. htaccess apache authentication/google If you work with IIS, then you possibly can goto the stability tab and take away anonymous access. In that case, u must develop an NT be the cause of each user who will have access. Additionally , there are some dlls which will do it pertaining to u, but Arien’s way is prob easier(and cheaper) but if your server supports them.

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Question for EVERYONE

This question may be for all webmasters who own their domain name. Dilemma, If you could buy any (super professional) php script and that is a web dependent email system, super professional with all the current bells and wistles intended for under $70 PEOPLE which would assist you to offer web based email world wide web membersand visitors without the require root access on the server, would you acquire it Possibly but I for around don’t want a real script from the start. SquirrelMail ( http: //www. squirrelmail. org/ ) works fine to me. So I guess what you need is no.

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IE Settings

Mysteriously my IE received changed so MY PARTNER AND I cant view windows that open inside popup windows (like hitting on links here) and I have to right click > copyshortcut and then paste it on the addresss bar. How do i fix this in order that it works Just what version of windows Go clear a person’s host file within your windows directory. Win2k it’s elsewhere. We have got win2k. Perhaps you have installed IE to a non-standard path IE was in the normal position. POST installed IE5. 5 128bit encryption and I believe it’s fixed today. i had this same dilemma awhile ago… post never bothered in order to upgrade though, went right to formatting… When i installed TurboTax it installed the newest version, I wasnt even really wanting to fix it ic… so you should thank turbotax, it fixed your issue for u.

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Selling scripts

If i wanted to advertise my (ASP) scripts, how much should i ask for them Most of them are quite innovative and took me ages to build. My own scripts include certificate and online assistance. Just about any price ideas Depends what these are. If its a guessbook for instance, i dont assume anyone would spend more then TWELVE bucks. But for something similar to a Forum or even portal system inside the hundreds. don’t charge a lot of or people will just copy your source code and you should lose more as compared with you make Seeing that Mike says, depends entirely upon what they, if there is anything around currently and that is free but does exactly the same thing etc You could charge for the support, i. at the. you can ensure that anyone who buys it is going to get personal assistance for installation, and so on. And perhaps even fixes if you are feeling charitable. Wait per minute, scrap the charitable, do what many people ask, they’re the buyer!

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Hi everybody! Can anyone post me a sample/dummy quotation/proposal for an internet store I will need it to quote for your prospective estore customer. Maybe I’m being too direct () I will be xtremely need. I’ve been handling contacts/friends with to who formal quotations may not be on. Gives thanks.

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do you know the best books to order or websites to be to learn javascript, php, mysql etc thanks. http: //www. sams. com/, the actual gods of encoding books concerning been on right now there but i dont own an american credit-based card lol also i want as little jargon as you can, a tutorial for the complete begginer. online world. spoono. com.

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Testing the HelperBot feature

I need help with e-commerce, where you’ll get an SSL certificates and merchant accounts. Can anyone inform me where for you to go (Editor’s take note: I do know the answer to this, although I’m just tests. ) I found these kinds of threads that browse be similar in order to yours. Do any advisors help Test line: HelperBot, reply! I need HTML help! by filburt1 within the forum Other Questions and Forums If they do not a human will probably be along soon anyway to defend you more. Err… dude… something is not right in them thar hills. The bot just looks at the thread title and returns the similar threads based on that. I can’t add a FULLTEXT index into the pagetext column because it may not be a fixed time-span, otherwise Mr. HB would have been a lot more valuable.

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