Should I categorize my TOP100 list?

Hi everybody, Month or two ago I finished web shops graded list. http: //www. top100webshops. com Now it functions fine and has a number of active members (> 90). What does one think – Could it be a good time frame to divide them into separate sets like jewelry, dvd… (about 20) Will it be more comfortable intended for visitors Alex Marr supporttop100webshops. com http: //www. top100webshops. com Everybody loves categories… it says here which you learned about WDF from DMOZ and that’s quite a class Oh! WHEN I see now. I’ll take action. Alex Marr supporttop100webshops. com http: //www. top100webshops. com Thanks everybody. WHEN I created categories and site search. This works great these days. Alex http: //www. top100webshops. com.

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Hi, how is my Flash work

Hello there, look at and let us know ur comments, sorry i do works as new trends, so u need 17" monitor or change quality to 1024 by 768, with more rapidly processor, Flash mx extension and sound, as well as is www. cmxd. com, thanks before hand. its a lttle bit laggy…. the frame rate is rather choppy, and I possess a good computer…. " Fair". I’d give the item a fair for two reasons. 1. possibly not yet optimized, as Rufus stated. 2. the dependence on a 17" monitor, sorta kills the thought of flash being most scaleable and goods. regards. No lag below, but the resolution can be a problem. Also is something ever purported to load or does it perpetually display just the animation Nice but I at ease with the mouse looking effect. I didn’t really think the mouse issue added much both. And I imagine your flash button is just not working so I couldn’t end up in the high bandwidth website. Nice though… I merely noticed the computer mouse thing myself. Wipe out it instantly, it is really considered extremely novice I found the item very choppy too. I also determined the background … Continue reading

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Newbie question, need DWMX help

I’m trying to hook up the shopping cart in order to zillions of enhance cart buttons (also drop-down listings, check boxes, and so on. ) All it is in DreamweaverMX, and this is my difficulty: I can do enhance cart either by using link or form, but I can’t determine how the cart is supposed to tell one enhance cart button, and so on., from another. It looks in my opinion like they all have same url, and I don’t see a better way the forms determine them uniquely also. I’m thinking it is a basic enough concern it probably would not matter if it is in DWMX and also not (also their forum tends to get you ads without having to anything helpful; -) Whilst I’m truly pathetic along with code, just enjoying a handle on what exactly makes the distinction should sort this out… I desire! Thanks beforehand, Leila.

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What software do you use?

.. for all your current web design+related Here is me Software: Dreamweaver MX Flash MX Photoshop 7 ImageReady 6 (occasional) Illustrator 10 (when We need vectors that PS7 aren’t able to do) TopStyle ONLY TWO. 5 IIS5 intended for hosting with ASP & Access, and ASP. INTERNET eventually .. I do believe I’m on the deep side of advanced. Here’s me Software: Dreamweaver Photoshop 7 ImageReady 6 (occasional) Apache Internet Server Editplus (PHP coding) MICROSOFT Visual Studio (JS/VBScripting) and the like that I didn’t remember to credit… DW4 PS7/IR Flash 5 (rarely) Apache ONE. 3. 24 (which We need to upgrade tonight)/MySQL/PHP Filbs it is advisable to get Dreamweaver MX…. they have some PHP support. -C PS7 DWMX Flash MX Fireworks MX (rarely, and limited to importing images to help Flash) UltraEdit (w00t! ) Selection: VS6 VS. Net UltraEdit (w00t! ) Relating to it, but I found it to become annoying than beneficial. It almost isn’t going to follow normal IDE standards … that’s because you’re accustomed to Microsoft’s IDE’s appear and feel. Many vendors copy that appear and feel, which is why requires some getting accustomed to. Believe it as well as not, it gets lots easier if you … Continue reading

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bandwidth consumption calculator?

Where might I find a calculator to know how much bandwidth this website uses for just a given number associated with visitors downloading data Thanks.. just operate it out you. it’s not hard to generate a rough appraisal. Right. Just calculate the common amount downloaded in a single pageview (HTML article and images). Try to remember 1 GB = 1024 * 1024 KB, as well as 1048576 KB. This host provides you. Check your numbers to calculate… So essentially whenever users on avg get 200 kb per page then Allow me to support up to 5242 page views every thirty days for 1gigabyte of bandwidth… 1048576 / 190 = 5242. 88 or 5200 users if every only views 1 page. Ok thanks. I do not know y I just didn’t do this before lol. My loss of thought disturbs us.

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Heya guys! WE didn’t know where else to pu this question so MY PARTNER AND I put it here. Does anyone reccomend a good webring to take part in It for an enterprise owner I’m setting up a site for. With thanks! I suppose not lol Yahoo incorporates a bunch but I have never really applied a webring.

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Outsourcing support

Hi to any or all! Who can no problem any information or even opinion about possibilities to do business with abroad (US, Canada, etc. ) consumers in web improvement and design In fact, we are an internet development team from Ukraine and today we are looking for somebody who can represent us to get providing web progression services at alternatively low rates within these markets. You’ll find a large experience in web improvement and design throughout domestic market (www. alphadiz. com). It’s true we need somebody to showcase us and manage projects for us in US as well as Canada for shared benefit. Please don’t double-post.

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I had been reviewing the site stats for starterst of my clients (as all of us good web makers do) and I happened apon a rather unusual IP which was active during the time on the web-site: 14. 148. 209. 196 A reverse DNS check on network-tools. com revealed that the domain name behind ?t had been crawler918. com, that’s registered by Enroll. com to these: NameProtect, Inc. 918 Deming Way (that 918 is form of ironic, eh) Madison, Wisconsin, USA This question is as follows: whose bot would it be, and why seemed to be it crawling our client’s site for well over 2 hours in a single shot I thought NameProtect can be a private sign up, but nameprotect. com only covers trademark registrations and things of the nature. Ban that: http: //www. advogato. org/article/610. html I’m sure I vaguely recall it being the following but I generally welcome all spiders. Normally, I do too but ours (as the guy within the article said) did actually ignore the software. txt file and also poked around around things it possessed no business poking close to in. I at ease with that, and that may be what made us so … Continue reading

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What’s your favorite program for great screen caps.

What’s your chosen thing to use for getting great screen truck caps Print Filter Yeah however it gets the whatever is for the screen. I mean to get the whole picture if what you might be capturing doesn’t match. Eg. Like PSP has the area capture to help you set the whole class of what yo would like. That’s what I supposed. HyperSnap DX 4 Along with PrintScreen (or Alt+PrintScreen), composite it into Photoshop PrintScreen after which you can straight to Fireworks… I need to be the merely person who isn’t going to prefer Alt Printscreen. I’m sure it’s the incomplete capture, less now i’m missing something. I favor the full monitor capture look. PrintScreen captures your entire screen, while Alt+PrintScreen exclusively captures " active" window/dialog proverbial box. Print screen personally only capture this window screen. It does the identical as Alt Printing screen. Less Concerning my setting completely wrong or something, it is been the exact. I employ PhotoShop and printing screen.

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CuteFTP to Log Files to Hard Drive

Hi- I’m having great difficulty trying to download the access-log and error-log files from the server to my disc drive. All I want to do is put them into their designated in folder about my computer so Allow me to monitor my internet sites stats using Analog Record Analyser. Whenever I try to download, either nothing you can do or CuteFTP asks me easily want to overwrite the leading index. html file (which should not have anything related to anything). When nothing happens- Cute seems like this: REPUTATION: > Downloading listing access-log… ORDER: > CWD access-log 550 access-log: Not a directory. FAULT: > Failed to help change dir ———————————————————————————- Shouldn’t I just be capable to dran n’ decline those log files onto my disc drive and run Analog Are log files hidden to start with on the hard drive Thanks for virtually any suggestions!

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