pagerank update in progress

pagerank up-date in progress

good beginners luck, folks!

looks such as some older pagerank penalties will probably be taken away, which need to be good news into a of ya.

july 2008 pagerank update

Time to test the DC’s

Thanks shockie.

nothing happening for the sites

please ensure which DC this is

Hey guys

Are you when using the google party tool

Cheers shockie!

Actually Posted through almost nothing happening pertaining to my sites

please validate which DC it truly is lots of them…,,,…

the update need to be over inside next few days and there are just started at the moment.

which tool will you be peopl using to check on the update as well as

you can find more online if these go down.

thanks mate

good associated with my websites is pr3 by 0 now

you may use online to test your PR.

Got PR 4 for and missing PR SOME on some

A few of my sites were updated at the same time.

From PR0 in order to PR4

NamePros returning to PR 5

Very seasonal affective disorder Both our & as a result of PR3 via 4.

Anyone seen make available articles within the big winners and also losers with the recent update

Actually Posted by -Nick- Obtained PR 4 for a few and missing PR 4 on several That is both beneficial and terrible news chum…Just interested, what will be the niches of your site’s of which went down

mine seemed to be dropped pr3 to pr2 one more site pr1 to be able to 0 LOL.

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