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Hello there all! The pages on my web site are loading in the funny way, exclusively on internet explorer. I don’t know how to explain what are the results, it seems there are numerous " flashes". Might anybody help me, please. This is my first website and I am form of lost. the web site is www. brazucasemflorenca. com Regards!

Are you dealing with the buttons surrounding the top menu
In the event that those flash, it is because the mouseover images usually are not pre-loaded.
MY PARTNER AND I see Javascripting to help preload them, but I’m sure the list of those images (filenames)
are missing inside the script. You can find out where you’ve got that script in addition to check
in that.

At another note, avoid using graphics for text, as you did in the footer.
Generate that REAL text. Better yet, when you were to work with PHP, the year or so (2010)
may just be made automatic, it changes to 2011 upcoming January.

I can not really notice the " flashes"… so maybe you possibly can tell us what part it truly is.
Likewise, are you employing DSL/broadband Maybe it is just a connection speed concern

Hello! Regards for trying to assist me. No, I’m not tallking around the top menu. The actual " flashes" happen virtually every time ( and on firefox it just occurs i am inside a page, let’s claim " dicas" after which you can press the " home" button) I click one of several buttons on the top end menu to visit the next page. The flashes are mainly around the header(big top photo with the name of as well as on the side). Any thought of what the difficulty is Thanks again

I’ll check the situations you told me to undertake. Thanks. Yes, I will be using a large band and Concerning already checked our site in diverse computers using numerous DSL connections as well as problem is ever present.

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