Parked page has a PR6Site goes live in 2 weeks. Can i protect the PR

Left page incorporates a PR6 – Site goes are now living in 2 many days.Can my spouse and i protect your PR


I employ a domain that features a PR6 – it was before parked – it now has a placeholder with all the logo and also a coming shortly sign.
The site should be up throughout about 3 weeks.
Is right now there anything i could do to safeguard the PR :or could Google demolish it into zero when it is the next update

I’ve owned the area for about 12 months and current my information – which didn’t outcome the pr.
I enjoy any advice.

Do the following domain include any reliable backlinks going to it

Is without a doubt, then I think its PR will stay the exact.PR depends on quality regarding backlinks that your site have got.So should the backlinks are there, then PR will stay as its.

It will take about 15 minutes to accomplish a default live journal install plus write two or three on topic posts.Who has sometimes worked to do.I just simply hate to believe an within construction page might get indexed when it may be something about that which is planned with the site.

Thanks for your replies.Yes it’s got 44 links being released in (’s) and as soon as it will go live i am going to start trying to find backlinks in.

If left page will be getting PR next coming shortly page that better then parked article.

If it can be 1 yr old website and has not lost it has the PR until eventually now next chances associated with losing its PR now are thin.


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