Parked pages on 3rd and 4th place.

Parked pages with 3rd plus 4th location.

How could parked web sites, in just about any way, arrive at these positions

http://www.the search q…ia& btnG=Search

With queries prefer that and having competition associated with 828 with the query.Parked pages could reach that positions.

Actually Posted by -Nick- Having queries prefer that and using competition connected with 828 with the query.Parked pages could reach that positions.Predetermined.If people type many competitive key phrases in search engine, no chance to see this result.

Drops around and out

I possess a parked web page that standing number 2 or three for last week and in comparison with it drops journey map.This keeps transpiring.Google has a very odd SERPs romantic relationship with a few parked internet sites.

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