pc specs needed?

Howdy, Im currently doing a course at college and within my assignment, I am doing about website designing. Could anyone please tell my family the pc specialization skills required for net designing and what the recommended specs are. And could somebody please tell me what the top software to use is. This would have been a big help! Many thanks

Well, it depends.

It depends on what you employ to design web sites, and what browsers you use.

In particular, if you style and design your sites using firefox to evaluate your pages, then http: //www. mozilla. org/products/firefox/system-requirements

Alternatively if you are using IE, http: //www. microsoft. com/windows/ie/evaluation/sysreqs/default. mspx

In addition to likewise for website authoring, such as Dreamweavers minimum specialization skills, an so at.

The most beneficial software What regarding, image authoring, html page editing

the many basic software required for web designing. eg say when someone was practically to start web designing and they didnt know precisely what what software they needed for anything, what would you recommend

Me personally would recommend a super easy, bare bones, text editor for any following reasons

ONE PARTICULAR: As they/you will be new to web authoring, there is zero point in expending money on software that you could use once.
A COUPLE OF: Learning a new language can seem to be daunting, so requiring you to get the hang on the program and a new language is two bottle trouble.

Saying that, there are lots of free web authoring resources, which are fairly user-friendly and uncomplicated. Dreamweaver has a 30 day demo

honestly you should use a bargin downstairs room PC. At the end of the day all you happen to be writing is copy. as long when you have an file transfer protocol client like smartFTP then all you choose to do is write your txt in and also update it into the site you’re rendering it for. If you want a visual publisher without spending profit just browse this freeware like http: //www. highdots. com/css-editor/ or maybe http: //www. blumentals. net/htmlpad/.

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