Personal Framework/Dev Package…Opinions please :) Would highly appreciate it

Hello there guys.
Ive been working away at something for a time.

Its form of my lil tailor made development package.
Its supposed to be for your hardcore programmer who wants to do REAL php, without for you to much framework disturbance.

MY PARTNER AND I realize frameworks will be good, but i opt to just code natural php (MVC structure, OOP approaches).

http: //scottmoniz. com/readme. html

When you guys could give which a read through and ok , i’ll know.
Would this be something you’d be willing to use
Should it interest an individual at all

Just want just a little feedback before I continue working away at it



Have a zip/tar-gzip’d repository of it. I would like to play with it a bit. Thanks.


I still dont have got documentation on when using the services and theyre however very basic. When i do more documentation ill upload it. Theres a number of modifications I wanna help to make before showing them to any1.

But Id assume that you’d consider something like this
The main plan is in order to develop it, and maybe sell it.. (im not really sure im allowed to complete that considering the only real thing i i believe wrote was jquery. validator. js, jquery. pieces of software. js, the db folder, as well as utils. php script.
Other jquery plugins and stuff are just includes which i use for each website.

ill let’s you know when i help to make the mods

Hello there,

Yeah I would consider checking it released. Love to analysis new things, esp. reusable features. Anything to help to make my work less difficult

I’ll have to review jQuerys license, I would like to know myself how you can do it. I’m sure you can, because I’ve seen projects on sale that use jQuery.


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