Photoshop CS4 for building Websites???

I realize a guy whom makes 200k each year, and designs internet sites in Photoshop CS4. I’m not going for you to post the illustration but will describe what I saw from the " code": –

A lot of spacer gifs along with other images. No genuine navigation, but non published numbers and email communications information. He is the best artist, but claims to become good in math to the issue of Quantum Physics. Why can’t he create AJAX, PHP, or perhaps XHTML for this sake Anyways, contact me jealous, for the reason that getting paid SIX HUNDRED. 00 to ONE, 700. 00 a website for something thrown together in a WYSIWYG seems similar to highway roberry in my opinion!

Welcome to an unpleasant truth. When sales climbs up against web design — web site design loses.

Until and unless you can couple a killer sales pitch with sound web site design, that’s the way things will stay. I will point out the trashy signal does open some sort of stellar opportunity — for a sales person.

My suggesting is always to dump the next code fad for a stint learning sales. It is every single bit as tough as code.

Noise code, a genuine grasp of relationship design and income psychology, and you may blow this guy from the water. Right at this point I’m quoting triple what this guy charges. Guys just like Jacob Nielsen are charging triple for you to quadruple what MY SPOUSE AND I charge.

I’m using photshop way too in creating site. it is easier to adopt in dreamweaver thats why some are applying it.. unfortunately for me like a beginner in developing a website im still tryin to analysis ajax and javascript making sure that the effects could be still the same as well as image position will not be distorted.

PhotoShop is great for making really great mock-ups, although nowadays, I find personally using Adobe Fireworks instead… because it is additional flexible and superior for rapid program development and prototyping.

But neither worth mentioning programs was designed in the form of web IDE as well as development software. Web-site designers have to know CSS and HTML whenever they want to make quality websites. Then really like understand these principles they will adopt a WYSIWYG editor like Dreamweaver, a text manager like TextMate or the whole fledged IDE like Visual Studio, Aptana Studio, etc… to hasten their development time period.

That’s why I have split teams with specialized is graphic/web pattern, slicing CSS/HTML, CMS/Blogging change, SEO and equipment side development. I’ve degrees and experience both in design and advancement, but most creative designers don’t. It is good to understand about the complete industry, but until you need to do it is better in the form of great designer and let the coders do the coding, than to ruin your reputation by performing shoddy work.

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