Photoshop vs Fireworks?

I went for a interview yesterday and i became told that the company uses fireworks instead of photoshop for artwork design work. They also advised me that knowing the right way to use fireworks would be a prerequisite if i used to be to work presently there. I have been using photoshop within the last two years and although i used to be told otherwise, swamping to fireworks sounds like a really wearisome experience. Is fireworks really that much better to use relating to web design Additionally does anybody here know of an good a excellent site or two that could help me using this type of transition

MY SPOUSE AND I use Fireworks. They’re both from the same company, Adobe, and use beautiful same features. Photoshop is just a little better as far as really making wierd inspired backgrounds, but fireworks is merely as good from making graphics i think. Fireworks was made particularly for net graphics and offers good optimization. Once you learn the basic painting tools, your transition ought to be easy I consider. I hope they don’t want you to work with Fireworks for building webpages, that’s when issues get complicated. I tried making a menu while i first got it and wound up saying screw them. I use it for graphics only and it also has suited me personally well.

Maybe layout comps along with such but i do believe mainly graphics. I have learned to use the photshop tools so that should help. The thing i will be really not getting excited about is figuring out the way to do things in fireworks we have already mastered as a consequence of photoshop tutorials. My efficiency is goin to accomplish down a bunch to start with as well seeing that i mostly make use of hotkeys… perhaps they wil i want to stick to my trusty photoshop > _< a man can only desire hehe

having used fireworks within my first calendar year I found it helpful to descrease the dimensions of my image files with the web and multimedia systems projects. If you are actually using photoshop and paint for an extended time, its easy to select up.

Take a look for fireworks forums and how to’s on the internet, =. But I found fireworks easy to use,

Fireworks is more if you are that have learned to manipulate their own graphics besides filters that became common in Photoshop. They are both now from your same company, this is true however it was Macromedia that will developed Fireworks and as you know, Macromedia was targeted 100% to website development.

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