Playing mp3’s from graphic hot spots?

I’ve inserted any graphic into my site with Dreamweaver and I would really like to superimpose 3 transparent mp3 acustic buttons (evenly through left to right) thus visitors can just click and hear precisely what they see.
How to do that
Novice suggested to create a table and established the table background towards image. I tried that but would not get very far.
Replies for just a Dreamweaver beginner could be much appreciated.

What are you currently superimposing the acustic buttons over along with image, or a few text

Precisely what will they end up being clicking to notice the MP3.

I’m like thinking of a Flash Music player without any accessible controls.
Using PHP or maybe Javascripting to activate the golfer.

ml the bad part of that is embedding with hidden leaves a blank just like an image that will wont load with ie7 and worse using some others like opera. if anyone finds the most impressive of how to start this without that side effect it would be great. i determined this glitch as soon as trying embedded good effects for hyperlinks.

I’m thinking there can be a Flash Player who has the option that they are called to play
with virtually no visible controls (like a good API). Wimpy Flash Player concerns mind.
I can’t remember in the event Wimpy has that will feature or certainly not.

Playing MP3 having a Flash Player is very good compatibility across platforms (PC / Mac).

I’ll search for something that I’ll use to create a real working case.

With all the Wimpy MP3 player:
http: //www. wimpyplayer. com/docs/mp3/index. phpm=skin& p=skin. overview. html

You can also make your own skins. Click the graphic " skin" plus it plays.
Skin could be virtually any graphic image you desire.

You may download the demo files, but the best version is not free.

I’ve create a savings fund basic Wimpy MP3 button before and yes it works good, but you need the
Iphone with " skins", to aid you to use your private graphics.


It’s an graphic (a picture of music with a music stave).

I already contain the code for a strong mp3 button player that has a transparent version, to put it differently you can see through the player nevertheless , you can still press the play switch.

Your image shows SEVERAL chords distributed consistently over about 500pix, leaving enough room to insert 3 translucent buttons without obscuring that image.
It is far from the perfect remedy.

The most effective way would be:

Create 3 hot spots while in the image and perform the mp3 should the visitor hovers over and then clicks. But I didn’t found any cd audio player designers available who can good me that answer.

I can easily fix this issue by placing this play buttons below the image but I’d adore to find a method for either the see-thorugh or the very hot spot idea.

By the way, I tried that wimpy player yet found their support to be non-existent.

Thanks for all the replies so much.


Read the discussion for the link below.
He had same problems and has difficulties with FF2 and IE,
but realized the situation was local on his PC. When he
downloaded the Javascripting, them worked. Follow this discussion
through the thread and decide if his solution might do the job.

http: //forums. mozillazine. org/viewtopic. phpf=25& t=631347& start=0& st=0& sk=t& sd=a.

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