Please help me choose between PHP/RUBY/etc

I need help deciding which of will fit my project the best. I know several programming, a bit of pascal/c, and I realize some SQL, and many HTML.

What We would like done:

An internet store, products put in in categories, that has a picture. Clients might add products, but there isn’t any need for traditional checkout. They should get only one choice at " checkout", a button which sends to a good email they add their order. This sent order is actually without pictures connected with products.

That’s about all to get done really. This should happen this manner because these " clients" are people internationally, they make their orders, give to 1 person, who messages them to people, we make the actual orders, and then using a given date which person comes and picks every one of the orders up.

I can about guess how to produce the database, had a training course on SQL several years back, but why don’t you consider the front ending like, the true mmm " face" of all this So, I can’t come to a decision what I must study to let me do it.

You should advise.


It isn’t really the language, it’s how we use it.

vulcan i think is the purchasing cart, actually not sure around the name but yahoo best shoppingcart software and you may see if, find one that fits most of the needs and go from there.

Remember no one should do this available for you, maybe try in addition to hirer a freelancer at odesk or elance.

hope this helps a bit.

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