Please help my Nav Bar does not show in IE.

You need to help. I am looking for ways to a NAV BAR to indicate in Internet Explorer 6. The nav pub shows alright around Firefox and Opera but would not show in IE. What will i do to obtain it to work inside IE since(unfortunately!! ) quite many people down in this article still use IE. Your website is at http: //www. filmsforchangenigeria. org

Dont know no matter whether you noticed but the navbar does definitely not display in IE7 either. Download IEtester to use your site around different version with IE http: //www. brothersoft. com/ietester-153799. html

Also might you post some within your code and maybe allow me to help.

Nair, I seen your code yesteryear and saw a number of nasty stuff inside head tag. Reduce that first. Looking at the code, I can’t find anything that would make it completely disappear, and the css for the actual nav looks all right. Get the stuff outside the head tag, test it, and posting back.

Consult IE tester this could help you.

Hi UNarmed
Thanks with the tip. I delivered electronically IEtester. I didnt view any help or perhaps instructions on how to use it. For instance couldnt learn how to load my internet site into it. Anyway I played around from it some and twiddled by using some buttons and also I dont find out if it helped but I think I can see all my nav bars right now.
Anyway ( I almost certainly am dumb or perhaps something) but I dont realize how to post code on this subject forum. Yes I know I should read the forum rules and also other instructions. But please might you give me a hint on easy methods to post code. Many people are Geeks others are Gurus, some are Whiz Young children. Quite alot individuals are RAW NOOBS. Possibly be patient.
To help my Learning Curve I’d personally appreciate if you gave me a little hint on easy methods to upload code will stay could actually check out my code as well as see what We are doing right or even wrong.
Thanks just as before for the word of advice. Cheerio

Hows your daughter I checked the head tag and I admit the good news is chunk of code we put there which i got from Strong Drive. I got many help from members on the forum (Smoseley as well as mlseim). They helped us by giving us the website where I really could go to receive the code for any jquery Fadein Slideshow. I put the jquery slideshow code there inside < HEAD> tag to ensure that I can put a slide show into the site. Maybe if WE were patient enough I would be able to post the computer code for my site will stay could take a look at it and aid me iron released the kinks

I recently visited your web-site. Man Its Merely AWESOME!!!. How will i get to want to do something like that I simply peeked, saw it and came back here to help to make this post. Once I make the Submit Reply button My business is going back towards your site to drool….!
I wish I really could do something like that.
The terrific man. Great. I really as if it.

Wow with thanks Nair, I enjoy that! I spent a lot of time on it and today I’m sick with it!

My own Daughter is wonderful. I can’t imagine you remember the woman’s! I attached a few pics. Watch away, she will take your heart!

See attachment 4462

See attachment 4463

Ohhh I know what I spotted. I was using firebug and yes it could not find a number your stylesheets, so it throws an error in this way (see below)

< url type=" text/css" rel=" stylesheet" href=" my_style. css" > 1<! DOCTYPE HTML DOCUMENT PUBLIC " -//IETF//DTD HTML DOCUMENT 2. 0//EN" >
2< html> < head>
3< title> 404 Certainly not Found< /title>
4< /head> < body>
5< h1> Certainly not Found< /h1>
6< p> The particular requested URL /my_style. css hasn’t been found on this server. < /p>
7< p> On top of that, a 404 Definitely not Found
8error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request. < /p>
9< hr>
10< address> Apache/2. 3. 11 (Unix) mod_ssl/2. 3. 11 OpenSSL/0. ON THE LOOKOUT FOR. 8i DAV/2 mod_auth_passthrough/2. A SINGLE mod_bwlimited/1. 4 FrontPage/5. 0. 3. 2635 Server on www. filmsforchangenigeria. org Convey 80< /address>
11< /body> < /html>

< /link>

I don’t think it affects something, so disregard.


Now I seen your site having IE Tester and the nav showed ” up ” in IE6. I may look a small further tomorrow.

Anyway, for IE Tester, the good news is little address window for your web address after which just hit " Enter". But FIRST you will need to select one with the versions at the superior!

Sorry in regards to the triple posting individuals…

Nair, run your internet site through the w3c validator, you have many errors that definitely will be causing the problem.

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