Please Help!! Problem in Dreamweaver!!

Hie guys i am brand new to this forum and i will be quite new to website design…
We have a big problem that may be quite annoying my family…
the condition is that I will be using dreamweaver CS4 andi are using Lightbox script pertaining to my images.. so, i have decide to put an thumbnail in APDIV tag and when i try helping put the thumbnail with another Apdiv tag who has my background this goes behind…
after all it shows inside dreamweaver but after i preview in browser it goes away..
Can someone remember to tell me the way to Put APDIV label in another APDIV tag
will there be any css tip.. please help..
many thanks: classic:

I believe you’ll want to set the Z Index to a high number in your css properties. The more expensive the Z index, the more main concern the payer has while in the display. Try add this within your CSS properties.

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