Please take a Look at Design.

I have been playing around having Excel and Switching to HTML.
For no reason really tried the item before.
Please check this stuff out and tell me what people think..

PLEASE NOTE: Just goto this Splash Pages. Don’t have to go Any beyond that.
I’m NOT endeavoring to promote my site, I just need advices on what many people thinks about that Splash Page Style and design.
I’m sure it needs alittle extra work, but not no doubt what.

Regards: nervous:

Sprinkle Page #1
http: //www. nationalpeopleseeker. com/splash1. html
Sprinkle Page #2
http: //www. nationalpeopleseeker. com/splash2. web coding

Hard to make sure without seeing that on a genuine web page.
No reason to acquire a splash site anyhow. Splash pages
require an extra click so that the " primary idea" of just what exactly the
site is going… avoid it and have a main site.

Likewise… have the screaming (graphics, logo, primary banner text) done
with a professional graphic developer. They have the correct tools for of which.

Pet theme is ideal (my opinion)… extra narrow, horizontal
banner would fit better using a page. Make sure any graphics you employ are
possibly not copyrighted.

Yes, thats true. Ok Out when using the Splash Page. Thanks.

page definitely not found

Regards for your advice. I am an internet designer. I get designed many models. If you possess any tips pls say to me.

well you have come out which has a very nice idea you are required to keep on playing considering the computer then just he learns them well.

web site not found
poor news.

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